For External Partners

Partnering with BGSU

OTTS works to establish complementary collaborative partnerships with industries, businesses, entrepreneurs, government entities, and other educational institutions to provide research opportunities for students and faculty. External partners are welcomed to access the top research talent at BGSU to support research projects, enhance work education, and to gain access to certain research facilities and services provided at BGSU:


Contact OTTS: OTTS encourages healthy collaborations with external partners for benefit of both BGSU and external entity. Please contact OTTS to inquire about how you engage with BGSU and provide information regarding your specific project or interest in partnering with BGSU.


Three ways to access research at BGSU:

External entities can now partner with BGSU in Three Ways. To identify the sponsored project option that fits your needs, please read about the various Research Resources and download the respective template agreements here:

Tier1 Sponsored Research Agreement

Tier2 Sponsored Research Agreement  

Tier3 Sponsored Research Agreement

Please visit the Commercialization of a BGSU Innovation page for more information about licensing BGSU Innovations.

Engage with BGSU for Technical Services and Testing:

In addition to the various options to access BGSU research, external parties may also need support from BGSU to perform technical services or testing or gain access to BGSU equipment.

Many BGSU faculty have established rates of providing technical services and testing to external partners. The established rates are based on usage time and are unique for each Technical Service/Testing. Please review the template Technical Services/Testing Agreement.

Many BGSU faculty have established standardized fee schedules to allow external parties to gain access to certain BGSU research equipment.

Other ways to engage with BGSU:

BGSU has various centers and programs which help students and faculty develop their skills and capabilities. The following are additional ways that external entities can engage with students and faculty for internships, hiring, projects, etc.

The Center for Public Impact (CPI) brings focus to our human and intellectual potential; creating a vision, infrastructure, and programs to drive high impact community and civic engagement priorities in service to the public good. Through programs and initiatives working with faculty and community partners students engage with the community, challenge them to become reflective learners, and engaged citizens.

The Paul J. Hooker Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is in the Schmidthorst College of Business with a mission to establish a preeminent center for entrepreneurial leadership that integrates academic, experiential, and lifelong learning and that actively contributes to economic vitality in the regional economy.

Bowling Green State University aspires to be an institution that is distinguished by the rich opportunities available for students to participate in experiential learning. These opportunities include a range of experiential activities that occur inside and outside of the formal classroom setting. The Career Center oversees a variety of experiences, and many BGSU students from various degree programs complete at least one internship or co-op, because they understand the importance and value.

The Career Center also team provides thousands of employers a variety of recruiting options including job and internship fairs, on-campus interviews, online job postings through Handshake, and more. There are various options described in the Career center page one of them is; The Cooperative Education and Internship Program: is a collaborative effort between Bowling Green State University, students, and employers. The employer provides a safe work environment, supervision, and instruction that helps a student acquire the skills and knowledge needed in their field of study.

The Collab Lab is a hands-on, creative space for students, faculty, staff and community members to engage in collaborative work. Its goal is to support teams of innovators working together to conceive, create, develop and refine new products and services leveraging the unique talents inherent to the University community which is centered on design thinking.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program creates talented, rigorously trained professionals that are equipped to address real world problems in the public and nonprofit sectors. The program prepares students for their career through a combination of coursework, research, and experiential learning via public service and client-based projects. Service Learning is an important part of the coursework in BGSU’s MPA program.  Here are some recent examples of service-learning projects undertaken by students in the MPA program. 

Apart from these opportunities, BGSU welcomes gifts from donors, and every gift makes a difference at Bowling Green State University.  “Make A Gift Now” is available at the University Advancement page to create a new fund — perhaps in honor of a loved one or faculty member — or choose from the hundreds of existing funds to help defray tuition costs for deserving students, attract the best faculty, or support any of our outstanding educational and community outreach programs.

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