Academic Planning Guides

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Sample Curriculum

College of Arts and Sciences

Pre-Med track:

College of Health and Human Services  

Pre-Med track:

Schmidthorst College of Business 

Pre-Dental track:
Pre-Vet track:

College of Education and Human Development

 Pre-Physical Therapy track:

Each curriculum guide contains pre-requisite courses required for those pursuing medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry and veterinary programs at competitive institutions. Your schedule will not likely follow any of the samples precisely, and will vary depending on high school AP credit, CCP credits, transfer credits completed, and enrollment in summer sessions. 

Courses may be taken in a different order, but you should be aware of course sequencing and the prerequisites courses required at each individual school to which you are applying at the onset of your journey for planning purposes.

You should frequently check with your PPP advisor, your DARS, your Academic Advisor, and requirements/recommendations from individual institutions to ensure you are on track for graduation and preparation for professional school.

Updated: 07/31/2020 01:46PM