Student Parents

BGSU is committed to supporting the parenting student population. As part of that effort, we want to connect parenting students with services available on the BGSU campus and beyond. The information on this webpage is designed to help you balance your life as a student and parent by providing academic support, financial support, and acclimating your family to the BGSU community.

Class of 2019 Success Stories: Graduate candidate takes nontraditional route with unparalleled experiences

At 33 years old, with a loving husband and three children at home, Lakeisha Davis is graduating from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor's degree in inclusive early childhood education. Only the second of her family to graduate with a college degree, she overcame many struggles to attend BGSU.

We want to highlight the experiences of all parenting students – undergraduate, graduate, biological, adoptive/foster, single, partnered, etc. We understand that all students have unique experiences and their own obstacles to overcome. BGSU has many inspiring parenting students, and hearing their stories is important to the development of support programs and other initiatives designed to create a more cohesive and supportive community for students with children. To learn more about the resources on and off campus, please visit the Student Parent webpage.


Making college affordable is a top goal for BGSU. In order to provide scholarships to our students who are parents, we rely on the generosity of individuals who believe in the mission of the university and are committed to student success. Students, please review this list of scholarships to discover scholarships specifically designed for Nontraditional & Military students. If you find a scholarship that you are interested and eligible for, proceed to BGSU AcademicWorks to apply.


Dr. Barbara Henry, Assistant Vice President Nontraditional and Military Student Services

David Rice, Assistant Director

Lori Fox, Nontraditional Program Coordinator

Geoff Roberts, Military Program Coordinator

Bryan Bills Graduate Assistant

Tina Borders, Senior Secretary

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