Nontraditional Students

Nontraditional students at BGSU are very important to our institution. We define nontraditional students as undergraduate students who are 23 or older, students who are parents, or students who may identify as a nontraditional undergraduate student based on other circumstances. Our office is here to support and advocate for you. Please reach out if you have any questions!



Making college affordable is a top goal for BGSU. In order to provide scholarships to our students, we rely on the generosity of individuals who believe in the mission of the university and are committed to student success. Students, please review this list of scholarships to discover scholarships specifically designed for Nontraditional & Military students. If you find a scholarship that you are interested and eligible for, proceed to BGSU AcademicWorks to apply.


Prior Learning Assessment

Bowling Green State University recognizes learning acquired from experiences outside a formal classroom setting by offering students the opportunity to earn academic credit through Prior Learning Assessment.

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SAGE Program (Senior Adult Grants for Education)

Bowling Green State University is committed to the idea of lifelong learning. NTMSS and the SAGE {Senior Adult Grants for Education} program opens the door to virtually unlimited learning opportunities for senior adults. If you want to enhance your skills, engage in serious intellectual inquiry or take courses for the sheer pleasure of learning, you can participate in SAGE. For more information contact NTMSS at 419-372-8136 or visit SAGE.


Dr. Barbara Henry, Assistant Vice President Nontraditional and Military Student Services

David Rice, Assistant Director

Lori Fox, Nontraditional Program Coordinator

Geoff Roberts, Military Program Coordinator

Bryan Bills Graduate Assistant

Tina Borders, Senior Secretary

Updated: 09/26/2023 02:13PM