BGSU Firelands welcomes largest class in over a decade, reinforces commitment to access and affordability

HURON, Ohio — Bowling Green State University Firelands begins the Fall 2023 Semester with a 20% increase in new students—its largest freshman class in a decade—highlighting the University's commitment to keeping education accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Committed to providing an education of value, BGSU Firelands continues to be a catalyst for economic mobility for high school students, college-bound students and post-traditional learners seeking to invest in their careers and personal growth. 

The fall 2023 class is a testament to the comprehensive and connected learning community that BGSU Firelands has cultivated over the years. From high school students enrolling through the College Credit Plus program to those returning to advance their careers, the diverse makeup of new students reflects the University's commitment to support learners at all stages of life. 

"We are thrilled to welcome a diverse group of students to BGSU Firelands," said Dr. Ram Veerapaneni, interim dean of BGSU Firelands. "BGSU Firelands is committed to providing exceptional academic opportunities that empower our students to thrive in their careers and life." 

A hallmark of the college’s commitment to accessibility and affordability is The Firelands Grant, designed to provide financial assistance to students in need, ensuring that higher education remains within reach.

“As Fall 2023 semester begins, BGSU Firelands is excited to embark on a new chapter of growth, innovation and community engagement,” Veerapaneni said. “BGSU Firelands remains steadfast in its mission to foster lifelong learning and create pathways to success for all students.” 

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Updated: 09/12/2023 11:46AM