BGSU made aware of external cybersecurity issues potentially affecting portion of learning community

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio - Recently, Bowling Green State University was made aware of external cybersecurity issues that may affect a portion of the learning community.

The issues are directly linked to third-party vendor systems and do not apply to BGSU software systems, which remain secure.

The National Student Clearinghouse recently experienced a third-party interception of its data transferred using MOVEit, a common file transfer tool owned by Progress Software.

Like most colleges and universities across the country, BGSU uses the National Student Clearinghouse to coordinate enrollment reporting and verification. The Clearinghouse notified BGSU that it could potentially be affected by this incident. It is not certain if any BGSU students have been impacted at this time. This was not a local cybersecurity issue – BGSU systems remain secure.

Due to the national scope of this incident and the location of the compromised data systems, the Clearinghouse is the focus of the response to this incident. It is providing the latest updates on its website. Affected students may receive further communications from the Clearinghouse directly.

Students may read the information the Federal Trade Commission provides on data protection or contact the National Student Clearinghouse via their online support form.

United Healthcare - administrator of the BGSU student health insurance program - also recently notified the University of a privacy issue impacting some BGSU students.

The company has communicated directly with affected individuals and provided information and guidance on next steps.

Any BGSU student who believes they were affected and have not received a communication from United Healthcare should contact them directly at 866-341-4262.

Updated: 07/28/2023 09:04AM