BGSU students leading anti-hazing education during National Hazing Prevention Week

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – As part of National Hazing Prevention Week, Bowling Green State University students are leading education and outreach events about hazing prevention.

From Sept. 18-24, a student-led committee comprised of representatives from BGSU student organizations, fraternities and sororities is planning a week of anti-hazing education for the campus community.

The week started with a statewide virtual keynote address with Kathleen Wiant, the mother of Collin Wiant who lost his life at Ohio University. Kathleen and her family lobbied for the passing of Ohio Senate Bill 126, also known as Collin's Law.

Some of the week's events include:

  • Ask Me About My Number: Students will wear buttons with numbers that represent hazing victims from Hank Nuwer's hazing death database that dates back to 1838. The same students will answer questions and share anti-hazing information with campus community members.
  • Green Dot Training: Students will learn about bystander intervention and how to be proactive in high-risk situations.
  • Gallery Walk and New Member Red Flags: Exhibit will provide participants with information to help students make an informed decision prior to joining a group, team or organization.
  • A Day with Walter Kimbrough: Dr. Kimbrough has forged a national reputation as an expert on fraternities and sororities, with specific expertise regarding historically Black, Latin and Asian groups. The author of "Black Greek 101: The Culture, Customs and Challenges of Black Fraternities and Sororities," Kimbrough has served as an expert witness in a number of hazing cases. Kimbrough will spend the day working with staff members, investigators and students to address anti-hazing initiatives.
  • Stress-Free Spaces for Leaders: Several stress-free spaces will be available to recognize the work student leaders are doing to uphold the University’s Community of Care initiatives.
  • Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Dying: Interfraternity Council and Theta Chi are sponsoring a talk with Dr. Louis Profeta to discuss drugs, sexual assault and alcohol abuse on college campuses.

In addition to National Hazing Prevention Week programming, BGSU regularly provides hazing prevention and education so members of its learning community may participate in experiences and activities without compromising their health, well-being, dignity and/or rights.

BGSU has zero tolerance for any form of hazing, which is enforced through the University’s standalone anti-hazing policy.

Updated: 09/20/2022 04:56PM