BGSU announces new scholarship for Monroe County, Michigan, residents to pay in-state tuition

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio - Bowling Green State University has announced a new scholarship that allows students from Monroe County, Michigan, to attend BGSU at an in-state tuition price.

Under the Monroe County, Michigan Scholarship, new and transfer students from Monroe County, Michigan, with a 3.0 GPA or 20 ACT or 1040 SAT are eligible for the scholarship upon application to BGSU.

The scholarship is worth $7,988.40, covering the non-resident tuition fee. Once at BGSU, the Monroe County, Michigan Scholarship is renewable.

"We are excited to welcome students from Michigan with this scholarship," said Cecilia Castellano, vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Outcomes. "This is an incredible opportunity to expand access to a BGSU degree at in-state price for out-of-state residents from Monroe County."

The deadline to apply for new, incoming Monroe County freshmen is Jan. 18, 2023. Meanwhile, transfer students may apply at any time and will be considered for the scholarship upon admission to BGSU.

Interested students can apply immediately at BGSU has waived application fees for all prospective students—regardless of location—through Monday, Sept. 5.

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Updated: 09/02/2022 03:18PM