BGSU message to the campus community regarding upcoming court proceedings

May 17, 2022

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – On Tuesday, Bowling Green State University Chief Health and Wellness Officer and Hazing Prevention Coordinator Ben Batey and Dean of Students Christopher H. Bullins issued the following communication to the campus community regarding upcoming court proceedings:

“Last year, our community was deeply impacted by the tragic death of Stone Foltz. Throughout the past 14 months, we have come together to support one another and move forward as a community built on care.

This week, the criminal trial against two individuals related to Stone’s death begins. Six other individuals have pled guilty to felonies in connection to the events surrounding Stone’s death. The recollections of the events leading up to Stone’s death may be very difficult to hear and could freshly awaken the grief all of us carry.

Above all, during this challenging period, our thoughts continue to be with the Foltz family.

The tragedy of Stone’s death has forever shaped our community. It continues to be on each one of us - every student, faculty, staff and community member – to ensure Stone is never forgotten.

We are proud of the ways our community has continued to step up. You have recognized misconduct and leveraged reporting tools earlier. You have had a greater willingness to forego anonymity and support the investigation process. You have assisted us in holding individuals and organizations accountable, and time and again, you have proven BGSU will be a national leader in eradicating hazing.

Under the University’s Code of Student Conduct and our zero-tolerance Anti-Hazing policy, hazing is never acceptable.

Our actions impact one another, and together, we must support one another, respect one another, and continue to foster a community that cares for each of us.”

Be well,

Ben Batey, MPH, RN
Chief Health and Wellness Officer
Hazing Prevention Coordinator

Christopher H. Bullins
Dean of Students

Updated: 05/17/2022 09:14AM