BGSU President Rodney K. Rogers addresses a ballroom full of people
The 41st annual Administrative Staff Awards on May 7 honored the achievement of BGSU staff members. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)

Celebrating excellence: Administrative Staff Council presents 41st annual BGSU Administrative Staff Awards

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Mark Fox received the Dr. Michael R. Ferrari Award as the administrative staff member of the year

The Bowling Green State University Administrative Staff Awards, now in their 41st year, recognize outstanding contributions and dedication among the University’s administrative staff. These awards, bestowed by the Administrative Staff Council, celebrate the personnel who work tirelessly, largely behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution. From financial management to student and faculty success, community involvement and beyond, these individuals play a crucial role in shaping the BGSU experience for students, faculty and fellow staff members.

After his introduction by last year’s Dr. Michael R. Ferrari Award winner Tom Gorman, BGSU President Rodney K. Rogers took the opportunity to thank administrative staff during the event in the Lenhart Grand Ballroom at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union on May 7.

“I thank you all for your commitment to Bowling Green State University. We would not be in the position we are today without your work when I think about programming, mentorship, health and wellness, experiential learning, supporting prospective students and helping current students graduate,” Rogers said. “You’re engaging alumni, raising money, providing critical services for operations, facilities and technologies. Your work creates important spaces and supports the entire community, allowing us to achieve what we're able to achieve.”

Award categories

The BGSU Administrative Staff Awards ceremony, which was a sustainable, zero-waste event, recognizes achievement and dedication among the University’s administrative staff. This year, more than 90 staff members were nominated for the awards. In addition to the recognition and monetary awards, recipients also received a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture created by BGSU glass teaching professor and Arts Village Director Joel O’Dorisio.

Newcomer of the Year Award: Recognizing new staff members who have made a significant impact, this award highlights their dedication and positive influence within a short period of joining BGSU. Any administrative staff member employed for at least one year but less than three years is eligible to be nominated for this award.

This award recognizes an administrative staff member who has implemented an idea, program, or procedure designed to enhance or improve upon one of the following areas:

  • Student recruitment
  • Campus services
  • Administrative processes
  • Community engagement
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives

This year, Mary Kay Hiser, who nominated last year’s winner, Dae’lynn Do, presented the award to Adam Smith, coordinator of Civic Engagement at the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. Smith was nominated by Dr. Nicholas Hennessy, Brett Holden and Kendra Lutes.    

A man holds an orange award certificate
Adam Smith was named Newcomer of the Year, and was nominated by Dr. Nicholas Hennessy, Brett Holden and Kendra Lutes. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)

BG Best Award: This award celebrates excellence and outstanding contributions by administrative staff members. It acknowledges their exceptional work and commitment to the university community. Nominees for this award should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Provide excellent customer service to the BGSU community.
  • Improve the quality of programs and/or services on the BGSU campus.
  • Implement new ideas or programs to benefit the BGSU community.

This year, Michele Schmitz, who received the award last year, announced Dr. Jacob Clemens as the BG Best Award winner. Clemens, the senior director for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement at the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, thanked his nominators and colleagues.

“I look around this room and see a lot of really good friends and colleagues I get to work with. I’m very fortunate to be at BGSU. I just want to thank my amazing team I get to work with each and every day because it’s truly a pleasure to do this meaningful work with them,” he said.

Clemens was nominated by Kyle Calvey, Katie Chaney, Gabe Dunbar, Emma Horner, Kendra Lutes, Will McLean and Adam Smith.

A man holds an award certificate
Dr. Jacob Clemens was named the BG Best Award winner. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)

Diversity and Belonging Award: This award honors staff members who actively promote diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging within the BGSU community. Their efforts contribute to a more inclusive campus environment. Nomination for the Diversity and Belonging Award for the BGSU Administrative Staff Awards is based on the following factors demonstrated by nominees during the past year of service:

  • Developed unique or creative ideas;
  • Supported diversity and belonging programming;
  • Demonstrated advocacy or allyship;
  • Served as a role model for our campus.

This year, past recipient Keyon Camden announced Kori Koschalk-Newmister and Carissa Newsome of the Center for Women and Gender Equity, Gender Violence Prevention and Education Services, as the winners. They were nominated by Dr. Kacee Ferrell Snyder.  

Two women hold orange award certificates
Kori Koschalk-Newmister and Carissa Newsome of the Center for Women and Gender Equity were honored for their work with the Diversity and Belonging Award. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)

Dr. Michael R. Ferrari Award: Named after Dr. Michael R. Ferrari, who inspired countless colleagues as interim president of BGSU from 1981-82, this award is the highest honor an administrative staff member can receive through the Administrative Staff Council. It recognizes the administrative staff member of the year. The nominee must demonstrate at least one of the following attributes:

  • Innovation and initiative – Demonstration of resourcefulness in the workplace, including the formulation and implementation of creative new ideas. These ideas should have improved the work environment, saved time/or money and, in general, contributed to the better overall efficiency and effectiveness of the University.
  • Performance – “Above and beyond” work that is required by the position, such as accepting special projects, additional responsibilities such as committee work, giving non-compensable time to effectively complete an assignment, service in professional organizations, or recognition brought to the University through the receipt of grants or through publications.
  • Relationship with University community – Effective interactions with faculty, staff or students in providing services that promote growth and harmony in their respective departments, areas, etc., as well as the campus.

This year, Mark Fox, director of Technology Transfer and Services and interim director of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research with the Division of Research, was named the Dr. Michael R. Ferrari Award winner. As part of his recognition, Fox will choose between receiving $1,000 and a designated parking space for a year or a $1,500 award. He was nominated by Dr. Ali Eskandarian, interim vice president of the Division of Research.

“I appreciate the opportunity and time to work with all of our faculty endeavors in our research,” Fox said. “Thank you all for the nomination and recognition.”

A man holds an orange award certificate
The Dr. Michael R. Ferrari Award winner is Mark Fox. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)

Additional recognition

The BGSU Administrative Staff Awards were established in 1983 to recognize administrative staff's invaluable contributions. Over the years, the program has grown, reflecting the University’s commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment.

The May 7 event was also an opportunity to recognize the service of ASC members serving on committees and as executive officers. Chair Dr. Kacee Ferrell Snyder, director of the Center for Women and Gender Equity, emphasized highlights from the academic year, including the $7,000 in scholarships that the ASC provided to seven individuals, up from five the previous year. Scholarship committee chair Kimberly Fleshman said there were 240 applications for the scholarships and committee members reviewed 60 applications each to arrive at the finalists:

  • Jayana Johnson, freshman in the College of Health and Human Services
  • Lauren Ceravolo, freshman at BGSU Firelands
  • Emelisa Paredes, a freshman architecture student
  • Autumn Jackson, a junior studying in the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering
  • Autumn Baldwin, a junior studying theater
  • Shaina Dunn, a senior psychology major
  • Grant Hayden, a senior studying microbiology

The Spirit of BG Award recognizes exceptional administrative staff members who consistently go above and beyond their job descriptions. Their dedication embodies the spirit of Bowling Green State University. The Spirit of BG Award is continuous, with applications accepted throughout the year. One winner is selected monthly, and committee representatives present the recipients with their awards.

At the ceremony, it was revealed that DeVona Smith was April’s recipient. Smith is the coordinator for Student Engagement and Programming with the Thompson Scholarship Programs.

Previous winners for the academic year were:

  • March - Emily Gattozzi, University Libraries
  • February – Dr. Cordula Mora, director, Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship
  • January – Jasmine Gordon Schulz, executive assistant and development coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences
  • December – Dr. Jessica Mitchell-Corsino, BGSU Counseling Center
  • November – Seth Campbell, coordinator of Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, BGSU Firelands
  • October – Troy Spikes, Campus Services
  • September – Katie Gankosky, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • August - Morgan Alexander-Coster, Thompson Scholarship Programs
  • July - Greg Dickerson, Radbill Center for College and Life Design

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