At Bowling Green State University, students aren’t waiting until after graduation to launch their careers. They are empowered to treat career exploration as a series of prototypes and embrace non-linear career paths while building confidence in their abilities and learning about themselves as they refine their career goals and aspirations.

Meet “Falcons in their fields”— BGSU students who turned hands-on professional experience and industry connections into early career success while in college.

BGSU students are highly qualified to pursue opportunities in their chosen career fields before graduation through successful internships and co-ops, supported by vital academic programs and employer and alumni connections.
From a robotics engineer to business leaders, educators and future doctors, read about how these inspiring students showcase the power of a BGSU education.
Read on to meet these inspiring students and discover how their college and career experiences are setting them up for success.

Avery Wahl

Toyota | Avery Wahl

BGSU senior Avery Wahl has balanced demanding co-ops with a full course throughout most of her college career in pursuit of her dream to excel in the supply chain industry. 

As a result of her determination and hard work, Wahl has amassed two years of professional experience before graduation—an incredibly unique feat that undoubtedly will elevate her career opportunities.

Wahl said the expert faculty members in the supply chain management program in the Allen W. and Carol M. Schmidthorst College of Business and the emphasis on experiential learning have been crucial to her early professional success.

RTSS, Inc. | Kevin Duke

Kevin Duke

BGSU senior Kevin Duke is not one to wait for opportunities to present themselves. Instead, he’s more inclined to go out and create them.

Empowered by his BGSU education and a go-getter attitude, Duke landed an internship at Robotic Technical Support Services, Inc., in Holland, Ohio, as the company’s first-ever intern, while pursuing his degree in mechatronics engineering technology at the University.

“I’ve really grown into a well-versed student because I’m able to take concepts we’re learning about in class and implement them in my job,” Duke said. “There is no better way to learn than by doing, and I’m able to constantly apply my knowledge to real-life situations.”

Sherwin-Williams | Brooke Korsgaard

Brooke Korsgaard

Brooke Korsgaard set herself on a path to a career at a Fortune 500 company after securing an internship at one of the world’s most recognizable paint brands as a sophomore at BGSU. 

After completing a digital marketing internship at the Cleveland-based Sherwin-Williams Company in Summer 2023, Korsgaard transitioned into a co-op position that allows her to work there while finishing her degree and move into a full-time role after graduation.

“Pushing myself outside my comfort zone was a huge part of getting this opportunity, and that’s something I developed at BGSU,” Korsgaard said.

Emma Haber

Education | Emma Haber

Senior Emma Haber, in her final year in the nationally-ranked teacher education program at BGSU, credits her growth as an educator to early and consistent exposure to the classroom.

Haber strengthened her skills and confidence through field classroom experiences, which began her sophomore year, and student teaching. She taught third grade in a suburban district and is teaching kindergarten through fifth grade in an urban district this semester.

“All of the different schools I’ve been to have given me so much experience with different students and different circumstances. Everything you need to know as a teacher has been addressed in the different placements they’ve given us,” said Haber, who is majoring in inclusive early childhood education.

BG City Council | Damon Sherry

Damon Sherry launched his political career as a student at BGSU, winning election to Bowling Green City Council during his senior year. 

Although managing the dual roles as a student and elected official can be a delicate balance, Sherry, who is majoring in political science, embraces the convergence of their education and political career as equally important for their future.

“Learning how the government works in class has really set the foundation, and being an actual government official trying to apply those concepts in council provides me with an entirely different experience,” Sherry said.

Damon Sherry
Claire Mitchell

WTOL 11 & 13 Action News | Media Students

Several BGSU journalism students launched their careers in TV news while pursuing their degrees, gaining valuable industry experience and earning job offers before graduation. 

Their success highlights the reputation of the University’s accredited journalism program and robust student media organization in providing them with the knowledge and experience to qualify for those roles. 

BGSU senior Claire Mitchell, who anchors weekend morning newscasts at 13 Action News, is among them. “I cannot say enough good things about BGSU, the journalism program, our faculty members and the opportunities outside of class to strengthen our skills,” Mitchell said.

Army National Guard | Grant Hayden

BGSU junior Grant Hayden has immersed himself in healthcare and research in pursuit of his dream to become a doctor and researcher.

Hayden is a trained combat medic in the Ohio Army National Guard, an EMT and a research assistant in a BGSU lab studying environmental toxins. His experiences inside and outside the classroom are crucial to preparing him for the next step in his journey, which includes applying for acceptance into an MD-Ph.D. program. 

“I want to be involved in patient care and be on the cutting edge of medical research,” he said. “I’m really happy with my choice to come to BGSU. It’s been fantastic, and my experiences here have been significant in my growth as a researcher and future physician.”

Grant Hayden
Jalan January

Huntington Bank | Jalan January

BGSU senior Jalan January credits the top-ranked Schmidthorst College of Business with helping him secure two coveted internships and shaping his career prospects after graduation.

Majoring in business administration finance with a concentration in financial planning, January interned at DHL Supply Chain as a junior and will join Huntington Bank as a wealth analyst intern in Summer 2024 after graduating from BGSU.

“I’ve worked so hard to get here,” January said. “I’m not usually one to celebrate, but this is what I came here to do. This is definitely a dream internship for me, and it feels like the perfect way to transition from BGSU into the real world.”

Biology | Ethan Edelbrock

BGSU sophomore Ethan Edelbrock aspires to be an emergency room doctor. To help make that dream a reality, Edelbrock, who is majoring in biology and following the pre-professional medicine track, works as a medical scribe in an emergency room.

He said his classes and job complement one another, bolstering his knowledge inside and outside the classroom. 

“It’s beneficial to learn about various things in anatomy class and then relate that to what I’m seeing in the emergency room,” Edelbrock said. “I’ve also seen things in the emergency room that help me better understand things we’re doing in class.”

Ethan Edelbrock

Updated: 05/28/2024 11:34AM