BGSU positions future teachers for success through extensive field classroom experience, novel technology

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Early and consistent exposure to the classroom has been integral to senior Emma Haber’s growth as an educator

By Laren Kowalczyk ‘07

As the child of teachers, Emma Haber fondly recalls the days she spent in her parents' classrooms, watching them interact with students and noting how the students responded to their lessons.

The Bowling Green State University senior said those formative experiences inspired her to follow the same path and become a teacher.

“Going to my parents' classrooms was one of my favorite things to do as a kid,” Haber said. “The more I was around it, the more I realized how much I like working with kids and helping people learn.”

Haber, in her final year in the nationally-ranked teacher education program at BGSU, said she was drawn to the University for its strong reputation of preparing the next generation of educators. 

“I knew Bowling Green had a really good education program for any grade level of teacher,” said Haber, who is majoring in inclusive early childhood education. “It's one of the best in the state for becoming a teacher. They prepare you the most, and I’ve honestly felt that going through the program with how all the classes have gone and how many places I’ve been.”

BGSU student Emma Haber points to a whiteboard while third-grade students look on.
Senior education major Emma Haber was a student teacher in a third-grade classroom in the Anthony Wayne Local School District during the Fall 2023 semester. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)

As one of Ohio’s largest producers of teacher education graduates, BGSU has long been regarded for the caliber of its education program.

The School of Inclusive Teacher Education in the BGSU College of Education and Human Development uses cutting-edge technology and research-based practices to prepare students to meet the needs of all learners.

The University’s teacher candidates log more than 500 hours of field classroom experience before student teaching, far exceeding the state's minimum requirement of 100 hours.

BGSU is also the only university in Ohio using a mixed reality platform called Mursion that lets students practice their teaching skills in a simulated classroom environment, providing yet another level of preparation before entering a real classroom.

Haber said the field classroom experiences, which began her sophomore year, along with using Mursion and student teaching have been integral to her growth.

She spent the Fall 2023 semester in third grade at Whitehouse Primary School in the Anthony Wayne Local School District and is at Riverside Elementary in the Toledo Public School District this semester, teaching kindergarten through fifth grade. 

“All of the different schools I’ve been to have given me so much experience with different students and different circumstances. Everything you need to know as a teacher has been addressed in the different placements they’ve given us,” she said.

BGSU senior Emma Haber sits on the floor to help two students with their lesson.
Emma Haber said early and consistent exposure to the classroom has been integral to her growth as an educator. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)

Nicole Kemmer was Haber’s cooperating teacher at Whitehouse Primary School. She said she watched Haber develop into a confident and respected teacher during her time in the classroom, exemplifying the education and preparation provided by BGSU.

“She was planning lessons geared toward the students’ interests and creating hands-on student-centered lessons that every child enjoyed,” Kemmer said. “She stood in front of the classroom, determined and proud. My favorite quality about Emma is how she never gave up. She would look for another game, reteach students in a small group or plan another lesson if students didn’t get it the first time.

“BGSU has well-prepared Emma for her future as a teacher. She is responsible, creative and motivated. Her future is so bright.”

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