BGSU Firelands student Kaeley Schonhardt carries a backpack on campus
Sandusky High School graduate Kaeley Schonhardt enrolled this past fall as a BGSU Firelands student after The Firelands Grant opened doors for students with need.

'It can truly change lives' | The Firelands Grant creates affordable path to higher education

BGSU Firelands offers a new financial aid opportunity for students with need

Bowling Green State University Firelands is opening new paths for students to afford a college education.

New for this year, The Firelands Grant scholarship significantly reduces the cost to pursue a degree for new and transfer students with need who enroll for Fall 2023 and beyond.

“Money should never stop a student from pursuing higher education,” BGSU Firelands student Kaeley Schonhardt said. “When I first heard about the opportunity, I thought it was great. It can truly change lives.”

Federal Pell Grant-eligible students who graduate high school this spring can qualify for The Firelands Grant, which promises to cover the balance of instructional and general fees for new and transfer students after the Pell Grant is applied.

“Increasing access to higher education by reducing student cost is a priority for BGSU Firelands,” Dean Andrew Kurtz said. “Investing scholarship dollars in our community demonstrates our commitment to the future of the Firelands region.”

BGSU Firelands is engaged in the region through academic partnerships. Such partnerships, like the College Credit Plus program, spark an interest in students like Schonhardt.

She already earned enough credit through the College Credit Plus program at BGSU Firelands to earn an associate degree, and now she's working on a bachelor's degree in social work. College Credit Plus offers college-bound high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. 

BGSU Firelands campus
BGSU Firelands campus is located near Ohio State Route 2, about 60 miles east of the Bowling Green campus.

“BGSU Firelands is the community’s college,” Kurtz said. “We’re here for the region’s students who are ready to pursue a degree, whether that be through The Firelands Grant, College Credit Plus or one of our other programs.” 

BGSU Firelands strives to keep the cost of higher education within reach. For Ohio residents, the price to pursue a degree per semester is about $2,800. Schonhardt said The Firelands Grant makes that even more affordable. 

“The Firelands Grant provides a cushion,” Schonhardt said. "It's a great program that shows how much people at BGSU Firelands care for students. I just think it's tremendous, and I hope it continues to help graduating classes to come."

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