Krista Sturdevant receives Academic Advising and Mentoring Excellence Award

BGSU academic advisor recognized for launching informal mentoring and tutoring initiative that assisted first-year students in interior design


Krista Sturdevant, academic advisor in the College of Education and Human Development  who serves as the contact person for Inclusive Early Childhood Education and interior design majors, has been honored as the recipient of the 2021 Academic Advising and Mentoring Excellence Award.

Sturdevant, who has been at Bowling Green State University for four years, was cited for the collaborative and creative approach she used to address the unique array of challenges students faced in the pandemic related remote learning environment. She was responsible for launching an informal mentoring and tutoring initiative that assisted first-year students in the interior design program. The award review committee also recognized her efforts to foster communication with the department and answer inquiries from prospective students while also facilitating their campus visits.

Matt Webb, BGSU's director of Student and Academic Services, stated in his nomination of Sturdevant for this award that she performed in an exemplary and innovative manner while helping first-year students in the interior design program who were struggling with a project-based architecture course. With the remote/hybrid format in place, the students were missing the collaborative element so essential in this class.

“Krista knew the students were missing out on the social connection they usually made in this class,” Webb wrote. “Krista helped facilitate a Zoom call between a junior student and the first-year students, which proved to be a successful mentoring and tutoring event. I found this specific case as a fine example of the care Krista shows to her advisees, and her ability to not only identify a problem, but to help find a proactive way to support and assist the students quickly.”

Dr. Lubomir Popov, interior design program coordinator, supported Sturdevant's nomination for the advising and mentoring honor, citing her ability to use a “comprehensive advising and retention approach” that allows her to advise students holistically. Popov mentioned that Sturdevant's work with students results in them receiving a quality education, and having an enjoyable college experience as they progress to graduation in four years.

“Over the years, we have noticed a considerable increase in quality of education, retention and four-year graduation,” he said. “Since Krista came on board, our retention rates have grown much more than the previous years, our sections are more evenly filled, and our students overwhelmingly graduate on time. Krista's comprehensive approach also increases quality of education and allows our students to get the most of their classes.”

Those sentiments were reinforced by junior interior design major Abby Adler, who credited Sturdevant with having her fully prepared for campus life and the academic environment as a freshman. “Not only did I feel that Krista was looking out for my best interest academically,” Adler said, “but she also had an interest in making sure that I, as freshman, felt welcomed and invited into the community of BGSU.”

Adler said that Sturdevant has been a mentor in the academic and professional realm, and has always been readily available for advice or direction. Adler also expressed gratitude that Sturdevant trusted her and enlisted her to serve as a tutor to those freshman students.  

“That shows her determination and persistent devotion to ensuring the success of her advisees,” Adler said. “She has been a wonderful example of professionalism by always making sure I knew that she was an email away and proving so by responding to said emails in record time, no matter the circumstance.”

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Updated: 04/22/2021 10:00AM