A Storied Tradition In Photos: SICSIC and Freddie and Frieda Falcon

There are few traditions at Bowling Green State University that are as steeped in history as SICSIC and the mascots, Freddie and Frieda. A story that began cloaked in secrecy nearly 75 years ago continues today, uniting generations of Falcons who, every year, wonder if it is their friend, peer, even roommate who is behind the mask, carrying on a legacy of school spirit.

A look back at the tradition through photos.

WATCH: Join the livestream of the mascot reveal and SICSIC unmasking Saturday, Feb. 13

Across campus, six masked students proclaim school spirit through signs in black and red stating "SIC SIC SEZ…" The secret spirit organization was created Oct. 5, 1946 at 12:45 a.m. when BGSU President Frank J. Prout called six students to the President's Office. President Prout wanted to create school spirit and decided that a secret spirit organization was exactly what the school needed. The students agreed to join the group and SICSIC was born.

The group knew that they must have a unique and original name in order for their organization to stand out, and so SICSIC was created. The meaning of the name remains a secret, with only members and its alumni knowing what it stands for.

The spirit group has evolved through the years, with each student choosing their mask.

SICSIC brings school spirit by attending athletic events and with a constant barrage of "SIC SIC SEZ" signs.

The identities remain a secret until the unmasking, which traditionally takes place at an athletics event when the students' are revealed.

Freddie Falcon was born in 1950 in the minds of the members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity to create school spirit at BGSU athletics events. The original mascot look featured a head created from papier-mâché, a feathered cape and brown sweat suit outfit.

Through the years, the mascots' appearances have changed several times, perhaps by accident or maybe on purpose. During the summer of 1950, the old Falcon's Nest (home to Freddie and Frieda) was located in a log cabin on the current site of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. Apparently, some hungry mice got into the cabin and devoured Freddie's papier-mâché head right down to the chicken wire frame. The following year, Freddie's head had a new look.

The spirited birds can be seen rooting for BGSU at athletics events as well as roaming around campus.

Freddie and Frieda are known to sport their trademark orange Chuck Taylor's.

More recent looks incorporate comic-looking high tops with Falcon heads on them.

One of the most celebrated moments comes when the identity of the mascots is revealed. The secret is kept the entire year from campus and close friends alike!

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