BGSU’s new certificate in instructional design can be completed in three months

Sherri Orwick Ogden, director of eCampus, answers questions about the program

As a highly respected Master of Education degree program at Bowling Green State University, instructional design and technology focuses on developing leadership potential, creating new career paths and enhancing existing employment opportunities. The program prepares individuals to take a leadership role in teaching and training settings and advances their careers in academia and other training and development systems.

BGSU also offers a certificate degree in instructional design through the University’s eCampus. To learn more about the certificate degree program, visit the program page.

Sherri Orwick Ogden, who has been with the University for 16 years, is the director of BGSU’s eCampus program. She answers questions about instruction design in a Q&A.

Q. In your words, what is instructional design?

A. It’s the design, development, implementation and assessment of instruction/training.

Q. Why has the degree come into demand as of late?

A. It has always been in demand, but with the need for online training and instruction, the demand has increased.

Q. What is special about BGSU’s instructional design certificate program?

A. Quality content with top-notch, experienced professors. The information can be applied in education or corporate environments. The certificate can be completed in just three months when starting in May.

Q. Why is it important to have a certificate in the COVID-19 era and beyond?

A. Part of instructional design is being able to determine the best way to deliver content for retention and transfer. With COVID, many have had to re-assess delivery methods and course structure to accommodate online environments.

Q. What can a student gain from having completed the certificate program?

A. The four graduate courses in this certificate are designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills in instructional design to equip students for this high-demand field. This can be completed as a stand-alone certificate or pursued as the first four courses of the Master of Education degree in instructional design and technology.

Q. How will the certificate separate a BGSU student from the pack when searching for a job?

A. Employers need employees that can “wear many hats.” A certificate in instructional design adds value that is highly desired by employers.

Q. What are the short-term and long-term benefits of having a certificate in instructional design?

A. According to Glassdoor, an instructional designer's base salary is about $61,000. The Master of Education in instructional design and technology will prepare students to take a leadership role in training and development in virtually any work environment from schools and universities to hospitals, corporations and non-profits.

Q. What are the advantages of having the flexibility and benefits of the eCampus program?

A. The program is offered in seven-week sessions, 100% online. Students are not required to come to campus. All courses are asynchronous, so students do not have a set time to be in class. Instructional design students receive personal assistance services from the eCampus office staff, which serves as a “one-stop-shop” for student services. Students also can complete the entire certificate in three months if they start in May. There are five other start dates as well.

Q. The eCampus program has shown tremendous growth since its inception. What can students expect from taking course through eCampus?

eCampus provides 100% online programs to students in mostly 7-week sessions and is designed for working adults who want to continue their education. Student support services are also provided from the eCampus staff. We are here to help students. eCampus has students located all over the world, and has surpassed 2,000 students in just five years. Often, adults feel like it is impossible to find time to go back to school. With the flexibility of online, asynchronous classes in BGSU’s eCampus programs, it can be done!

BGSU’s new certificate in instructional design can be completed in three months

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Updated: 01/25/2021 11:46AM