Employers Seek ISAC Students from one of Few Programs in the World


By Kathleen Poti, Master of Accountancy Student

As the world of business becomes more and more reliant on technology, the fields within information technology (IT) are growing and prospering. BGSU’s College of Business is keeping up with this trend by providing students with a number of specializations related to business information systems and encouraging students to join ISACA, the premier preferred association for IT auditors.

The College’s ISAC, MIS, accounting, and business analytics are some of the popular programs that have generated a lot of attention from employers and landed students with elite careers upon graduation. Specifically, ISAC is one of the more unique specializations offered at BGSU which aligns to the ISACA organization-created model curriculum. In fact, BGSU is one of the few universities in the world that offers an ISAC program, and one of two having the ISAC program available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Additionally, we are advertised on the ISACA website and recognized for our ISAC programs. 

ISAC has grown to be extremely prominent in the world of business because it focuses on understanding information systems, the threats to information systems, and how to control the risks. There is a need in the business world for professionals with this understanding, and because so few of universities offer this special program, employers from all over are targeting our school in pursuit of these individuals, according to BGSU accounting associate professor, Dr. Pascal Bizarro.  Dr. Bizarro has held the Certified Information Systems Auditor  professional certification since 2006 and is the faculty advisor for the ISAC specialization.  He states that he is getting phone calls from potential employers across the country looking for our ISAC graduates. 

Dr. Bizarro advises students interested in pursuing a career within business information systems or who want to enhance their knowledge of the IT industry to consider joining the Northwest Ohio ISACA chapter which has one of the highest student participation rates among chapters in the country. Joining the Northwest Ohio ISACA chapter is a way to enrich one’s resume and grow in the professional IT world.

Each chapter meeting begins with a networking session between students and professionals, followed by addressing important matters within the chapter, and ending with a professional presentation about an important topic within the IT world. For instance, at the last ISACA chapter meeting, there was a presentation relating to what businesses should know in regards to accepting credit cards and how to be in compliance with PCI standards. 

All ISACA members have access to information regarding various significant certifications such as the CISA, CISM, CEIT, and CRISC. Student members have the opportunity to learn more about the variety of occupations one can enter in regards to information systems. 

For more information on the Northwest Ohio ISACA chapter, please visit the website http://www.isaca.org/membership/local-chapter-information/pages/chapteroverview.aspx?chapterid=188) or contact Dr. Bizarro (pbizarr@bgsu.edu), the current treasurer of the Northwest Ohio ISACA chapter.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:49AM