Two Highly Successful Alums Share Experiences with Graduate Students

By Kathleen Poti, Master of Accountancy Student

Business graduate students get a unique opportunity once a month to learn from already successful business people through the Graduate and Executive Programs in Business Leadership Lecture Series featuring different alumni. In October, the College of Business had alumnus John J. Riedl participate in the Leadership Series. Riedl graduated from BGSU in 1965 and earned a business degree focused on marketing. During the Executive Lecture, he gave insight on the world of broadcasting and his 28 years of experience within the industry. Throughout his career, Riedl has worked across the country from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York City. Riedl’s esteemed career allowed him the opportunity to work at Super Bowls, NBA Finals, NHL Finals, and the World Series. 

In November, the featured executive was former CEO of The David J. Joseph Company, Keith Grass. Grass has a unique story of how upon graduating with a finance degree, he began as a brokerage representative and grew to become CEO of The David J. Joseph Company. Grass shed light on his journey to the top and provided students with the valuable knowledge that he gained throughout his career. 

Grass is a highly-respected alumnus who is actively involved in contributing to the College of Business, including serving as the Leadership Council chairman in 2014. He enjoys interacting with students and other alumni and believes that the College of Business prepares students immensely for the real world.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:49AM