Chinese Visiting Faculty Learn Our Teaching Methods by Taking Classes

By Donna Greenwald

Four faculty members from Tianjin Polytechnic University (TPU) in China are here at BGSU learning how we teach our statistics, operations research, and MIS classes so they can return to their country and adopt similar teaching methods and materials in their classrooms.  BGSU’s College of Business and TPU established a partnership that includes a new 3 + 1 educational program and an exchange of faculty members.  

The visiting faculty from TPU include Drs. Zhi Li, Chenggong Lyu, Ye Liu, and Jun Wu.  They felt the best way to learn how we teach classes is to sit in the classroom and learn with current BGSU students. These Chinese professors are learning how technology is adopted in the classroom, the interaction between teacher and students, the code of conduct, and classroom expectations.

Dr. Wu describes her observations of the teaching quality in the College of Business.  “At BGSU, I experience that the teacher-student relationship is close and harmonious.  Students and instructors interact in many ways.  There are a lot of things students would like to do including all kinds of activities.  The teaching environment, especially the networking environment, supports the teaching process well.  And the teaching process is methodic.  We should learn more about it.  I will be a bridge connecting TPU and BGSU.”

Her colleague, Dr. Liu, also gives high praise to the teaching quality at BGSU.  “I have been here nearly three months. The quality of the course teaching and its process management, as well as the teacher’s professional dedication, give me a positive impression. Thank you to BGSU for giving us the chance of visiting and studying.” 

The TPU professors are working with BGSU faculty mentors - Drs.  Jane Chang, Sachi Sakthivel, Chris Rump, and Arthur Yeh, along with Ms. Bethany Niese - who are teaching their classes and sharing with them the materials that are covered in a semester-long class. In addition, retired marketing professor, Dr. Bob Wu, is also assisting Dr. Li in her research publishing efforts.

Besides learning inside the classroom, these Chinese faculty members are learning about American culture outside the classroom. Dr. Jun Wu (pictured right) attended the BGSU Homecoming Tailgate festivities with BGSU alum Jianing “Jenny” Min (center) and student Ashley Robinson.  Dr. Bob Wu has also taken TPU faculty members on sight-seeing trips outside the area, including Chicago.

The visiting TPU faculty will remain in the U.S. through February and then return home to incorporate what they learned here into their classrooms.

Updated: 01/22/2020 02:52PM