Student Achievements and Awards

ECON majors winning Department Scholarships:

  • Andrew Lotz won The Karl Vogt Economics Scholarship in Economics Award
  • Adam Toth won the Dolores Reynolds Book Award
  • Ryan Canterbury won the Vimala Krishnan Book Award
  • Matt Kovach won the John Hoag Economics Scholarship
  • Paxton Edwards and Brett Lippian won the Navin Scholarship for Public Sector Economics
  • Quentin McKinnon and Anderson Okuley won the Paul Haas Economics Scholarship
  • Kourtney Greco and Emily Little won the Amena Khatun Economics Scholarship
  • Shannon Wilson won the Alumni/Faculty Economics Scholarship
  • Brittany Pizzuli won the Kyoo Kim Economics Scholarship
  • Brian Healey won the Economics Book Award

ECON majors winning College Scholarships:

  • Kevin Burgett and Marina de Costa won a Hoskins Study Abroad Awards
  • Andrew Lotz won the Bart James Latessa Memorial Scholarship, Marathon Petroleum Company LP Scholarship, and the UTC Aerospace Systems Scholarship
  • Brittany Pizzuli won the Harold I. and Sarah J. Lunde Scholarship and the Norma Dirmeyer Bibler Scholarship
  • Kourtney Greco won the Lewis F. Manhart Scholarship and the Ernst & Young Scholarship
  • Corey Selhorst won the Kenneth Edwin Tigges Scholarship in Accounting, the William J. Primrose Scholarship, and the Kenneth H. Harger Scholarship
  • Quentin McKinnon won the James and Cleo Tucker Scholarship, the Christian Korsnack/Moss Adams Scholarship, and the J. Warren Hall Scholarship
  • Emily Little won the Eva and Irving Bibicoff Scholarship in Business
  • Ryan Canterbury won a National Association Purchasing Management Toledo Scholarship

In addition, Ben Zauski won the College of Business Karl E. Vogt Outstanding Senior Award.  Ben graduated in spring 2015 with a double specialization in the College of Business:  BS in economics, and a BS in statistics.  Zauski is currently pursuing a Masters in Financial Economics degree through BGSU’s Economics Department.

Updated: 05/17/2018 12:44PM