Erik Dupont and the BAT: SMOKIN’!

By Dr. Mary Ellen Benedict

If you go to the Bloomberg Institute website and look at their Hall of Fame for the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) for February 2015, you will see Erik Dupont as the third place finisher, in the world.  For those of you who know Erik, it should come as no surprise.  Razor-sharp intelligence and a deep understanding of economics and finance are what Erik brings to any arena, but especially when he dons his finance hat.

The website explains the BAT:  “The BAT helps students and recent graduates connect with financial employers worldwide. The test was developed in partnership with premier financial institutions and university faculties around the world. Students who take the BAT uncover their strengths across a range of finance, business, career and personal competencies and gain insight into their suitability for careers in business and finance.”  After taking the test, the website has a way for students and employers to connect.  Top finishers tend to find jobs quickly.

The test is used by 3,500 institutions of higher learning and is a two-hour long, 100 multiple choice question examination.  Erik scored a 730 on the test, placing him in the 99th percentile.  Erik outperformed individuals from Notre Dame, Columbia, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Maastricht University.

Erik graduated from our department in May and just began our new Masters in Financial Economics program.  We congratulate Erik on his outstanding performance and wish him well in the graduate program!

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:49AM