Hatchling Elsa Vogel Continues Successful Ventures

Elsa Vogel had a very successful evening presenting her business idea, Pieces of Me, during the 2015 Hatch event. She walked off the stage with investor support and a hunger for entrepreneurship.

Since that pivotal event last April, Vogel has continued pursuing Pieces of Me, a customized clothing line that incorporates individual personality traits, plus a few more entrepreneurial ideas. READ MORE

Vogel said a lot has happened since she graduated in May with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and moved home to Holland, Michigan, where she is pursuing multiple entrepreneurial ventures. “I had a full-time job offer following graduation but decided to chase my dream first,” Vogel confessed.

She rents office space in downtown Holland and opened up a small business that she named Engage Studio. She has a flourishing freelance business and also sells coffee mugs and custom orders representing individual personal responses to coffee and social experience.

Vogel recently competed in 5x5 Night hosted by Start Garden in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

At 5x5 Night, the community votes on their five favorite business ideas and the top five contestants are given five minutes to present to five judges from the community.

“I was the winner and took home $5,000 to continue pursuing my dream for Pieces of Me,” Vogel said.

Connect with Vogel:

Pieces Of Me

Instagram: @buypiecesofme
Twitter: @buypiecesofme
Facebook : facebook.com/buypiecesofme

Engage Studio

Instagram: @buyengagestudio
Facebook: facebook.com/buyengagestudio

Updated: 07/29/2020 01:34PM