Emeritus status conferred upon retiring faculty

At its May 9 meeting, the BGSU Board of Trustees granted emeritus status to 33 faculty planning to retire, in honor of their service to the University.

Dr. John Folkins, communication sciences and disorders, was named emeritus vice president for academic affairs and provost.

Dr. Mary Ellen Benedict was named Emerita Distinguished Teaching Professor of economics.

Emeriti Professors

Arthur Brecher, chemistry; Sheryl Coombs, biological sciences; Gregory Garske, School of Intervention Services; John Graham, biological sciences; Jodi Haney, School of Teaching and Learning and School of Earth, Environment and Society; Cindy Hendricks, School of Teaching and Learning; Geoffrey Howes, German, Russian  and East Asian languages; Vincent Kantorski, music  education; Kyoo Kim, economics, and Louis Krueger, School of Art; Charles Onasch, School of  Earth, Environment, and Society; Kenneth Pargament, psychology; and John Sinn, engineering  technologies

Emeriti Associate Professors

Pamela Bechtel, School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies; Nancy Boudreau, applied statistics and operations research; Elizabeth Burroughs, communication sciences and disorders; Travis Chapin, construction management; Lessie Cochran,  School of Intervention Services; Michael Coomes, higher education and student affairs; Linda Cornell, natural and social sciences; Carol Hayward, music education; Kathryn Hoff, visual communication and technology education; M. Sue Houston, School of Family and Consumer  Sciences; Younghee  Kim, School of  Family and Consumer  Sciences; Daniel  Klein, finance; Charles  Spontelli, visual communication and technology education; Bob T. W. Wu, marketing; and Guy W. Zimmerman, computer science

Emeriti Assistant Professors

Donald Deters, biological sciences, and Marcia Rybczynski, School of Teaching and Learning

Emeritus Lecturer

Phillip Schurrer, accounting and management information systems

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:46AM