Kline lauded for excellence as BGSU academic adviser

BOWLING GREEN, O.—Robert Kline, academic adviser in the College of Arts and Sciences at Bowling Green State University, received the 2015 President’s Award for Academic Advising of Undergraduate Students at the Faculty Excellence Awards April 14.

The award recognizes individuals and units in the BGSU learning community that contribute to undergraduate students’ educational development through effective academic advising. Kline’s award included a $1,000 cash payment.

In their letters of recommendation, Kline’s advisees commented on how much support and advice they received from beginning to end, each expressing appreciation for the immense time and effort Kline put into helping them achieve their academic goals.

“Bob Kline has been one of the most influential people to me here during my time at Bowling Green State University,” wrote senior communication studies major Molly Williams. “He is one of the most confident, competent, talented and knowledgeable people about his job.”

“Bob always provided insightful guidance during my advising appointments and demonstrated a willingness to answer my seemingly endless questions thoroughly,” wrote McKenzie Lyle also a senior majoring in communication studies.

Kline has advised more than 700 students since 2008. His approach to academic advising is to engage students using the “appreciative advising” method to develop students and assist with academic goals.

“The model requires a substantial amount of time to build rapport with students and develop an understanding of their purpose at BGSU,” Kline said. “As their adviser, I listen, provide supportive feedback and work with them to develop a game plan so they can still achieve their personal and professional goals. After confidence is built, I am able to challenge and support the student to achieve those goals.”

Kline’s colleagues often refer to him as the “Miracle Man.”

“He makes special effort to help at-risk students,” said Dr. Lisa Hanasono, assistant professor and academic adviser for the Department of Communication. “He works with programs across campus to help students create tailored career focus areas, and he makes sure that students graduate on time through regular academic meetings, junior audits, senior checks and special consulting.”

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:44AM