BG Best bring positivity, innovation to their workplaces

The three BG Best honorees (left to right) Jason Janusziewicz, Brigitte Green-Churchwell and Jeremy Joseph with their awardsAdministrative Staff Council (ASC) recognized three outstanding members of the BGSU community April 16 with the BG Best Award. The recipients were Jeremy Joseph, math and statistics coordinator at The Learning Commons; Jason Janusziewicz, associate director of the BGSU Facilities and Operations areas; and Brigitte Green-Churchwell, interim director of Student Academic Enrichment and coordinator of disability services at BGSU Firelands.

The BG Best Award recognizes administrative staff members who have shown outstanding commitment to BGSU, implemented a new idea or program, and demonstrated exemplary commitment to the BGSU community. Recipients received a hand-painted ceramic "Falcon" replica and a cash award of $100.

Joseph lives the core values of BGSU on a regular basis by fostering diversity and a culture of inclusion, said his nominator. As the chair-elect of ASC, he dedicates his time to reading and studying issues and attending meetings. In addition, at the Learning Commons he fosters intellectual and personal growth by challenging himself through a variety of new tasks. He encourages others to take on leadership roles, and created a math tutor mentorship program. Joseph is constantly striving for excellence and inspiring others to realize their potential.

Janusziewicz has improved the quality of Residence Life on campus, said his nominator. He handles unplanned facility concerns with a positive attitude and values relationships with custodians and maintenance workers on campus. His commitment to BGSU provides creative and innovative solutions to problems that may arise in residential facilities. His willingness to work with staff has built strong relationships and in return provides improved quality and customer service.

Green-Churchwell is committed to cultivating relationships with colleagues and students. She has participated in campus fundraising and awareness activities aimed at reducing violence against women and raising awareness of disability services, said nominator Julie Didelot, a lecturer in sociology and women's studies. Green-Churchwell's dedication to many roles has improved the quality of the BGSU Firelands community, said Trinidy Jeter, student and campus activities coordinator, calling her one of its "most inspiring, innovating and influential members."

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:44AM