Commitment to higher education runs in the family

Class of 2013 Success Stories
Student finds passion in student affairs


By Ann Krebs

Growing up in a world that has always revolved around a university atmosphere began to influence Sarah Trusz at a young age.

"There is something about being immersed in the culture of a college campus that really draws me in. I can't imagine not having the opportunities that higher education provides," she said.

Trusz, who will graduate with a degree in journalism focusing on public relations, will attend Ball State University in the fall to earn a master's degree in student affairs administration in higher education, with an assistantship working with the vice president of student affairs and retention.

"Interacting with graduate students in the College Student Personnel program here at Bowling Green State University and working with student affairs professionals made me confident that a career in higher education and student affairs was the best fit for my future."

While Trusz was inspired by her college experience to continue in higher education, there may have also been some influence at home. Her father, Bob Trusz, is associate vice president for enrollment management at Shawnee State University.

"The Alumni Laureate Scholarship has opened so many doors for me"She became involved early on in her college career. As an incoming freshman, she received the Alumni Laureate Scholarship, the largest and most prestigious scholarship at BGSU. The program introduces extraordinary individuals into the student body and provides a framework for them to leave the University as visionary leaders. Her brother Greg Trusz '10, also a Laureate Scholar, was one of the main reasons she came to BGSU.

"The Alumni Laureate Scholarship has opened so many doors for me," she said. "I have met so many amazing people because of all of the opportunities that being a Laureate Scholar has provided. Being able to meet prominent supporters and alumni of the University has been beneficial in so many ways. I've also been able to participate in a lot of professional development opportunities and develop my public speaking skills by speaking in front of alumni and University supporters."

Trusz emersed herself in campus activities, becoming a campus tour guide, taking leadership roles in Alpha Phi Omega (a community service organization), and becoming an orientation leader. She was promoted within the tour guide program and currently works as a student tour coordinator and holds an internship in the Division of Student Affairs. She also serves as the president of Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals.

Bob Kline, academic advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences, worked with Trusz, witnessing her remarkable extracurricular activities and leadership abilities.

"Sarah was active in so many groups on campus," Kline said. "Her most significant impact was as orientation leader and tour guide coordinator. Through her interactions with students in those roles, she inspired dozens of students to pursue a career in higher education. To me, that speaks to her passion and knowledge of higher education and BGSU."

Trusz not only made an impact on fellow students, but the BGSU community as well.

"Sarah is a difference maker." said Van Wright, from Enrollment Management. "She leaves Bowling Green better than she found it. And that is my definition of a great Falcon. She will impact students' lives for years to come. She will be a passionate advocate for every student she touches. And that passion for the college experience started right here at BGSU."

Trusz completed two marketing and public relations internships - one with the University's Office of Marketing and Communications and the other with Downtown Bowling Green.

"Each internship gave me real-world experience as well as the opportunity to improve skills necessary for any future career," Trusz said.

"Higher education and student affairs isn't something you can major in as an undergraduate - I am so excited to pursue a degree in something I have been passionate about for so long and then be able to do something I truly love," she said. "I'm looking forward to beginning a new chapter of my life by meeting new people and experiencing new things.

"My family is so excited that I am pursuing a master's degree in higher education and student affairs. I know they were proud to see me so motivated to finish my applications and attend interview weekends and complete the entire graduate school search process. It was definitely a tough one. I'm just excited to pursue something I've been passionate about for so long."

"Sarah will leave a positive legacy at any institution she is at, just like she will leave at BGSU," said Liz Rader, graduate assistant with fraternity and sorority life and the Division of Student Affairs. "Sarah is already talking about how she wants to give back to BGSU and be an alum that never stops supporting her alma mater. She sees a bigger picture beyond BGSU, but realizes how much she has gained here. She will represent the BGSU spirit well wherever she goes."

Updated: 02/22/2018 09:34AM