The National Center for Family & Marriage Research (NCFMR) provided an opportunity for researchers to field test new items using a large, web-based household survey (Knowledge Networks panel). Data was collected between July and October 2010. Investigators were encouraged to explore innovative measures that will help to answer new research questions on married and cohabiting relationships.
Measures of Cohabitation: A Binary Variable Problem?
  • Sarah Halpern-Meekin and Laura Tach, Co-PIs
    Franklin and Marshall College, Department of Sociology
    University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine
Factors Affecting Adults’ Knowledge of their Partner’s Medical Treatment Preferences
  • Sara M. Moorman and Deborah Carr, Co-PIs
    Boston College, Department of Sociology and Institute on Aging 
    Rutgers University, Department of Sociology
Proposal to Administer the Marital Disillusionment Scale in the Knowledge Networks Panel Survey
  • Sylvia Niehuis and Alan Reifman, Co-PIs 
    Texas Tech University, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Gender, Beliefs about Spouses' Work-Family Conflict, and Relationship Quality
  • Kei Nomaguchi and Melissa Milkie, Co-PIs
    Bowling Green State University, Department of Sociology
    University of Maryland, Department of Sociology
How Couples Meet
  • Kelly Raley, PI
    University of Texas, Department of Sociology
Parental Co-residence with Adult Children
  • Judith Seltzer and Suzanne Bianchi, Co-PIs
    University of California Los Angeles, Department of Sociology

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