Original Data

Original Data

Original data collections sponsored and coordinated by the NCFMR and available for public use. These original data contribute to innovative research and aid in the development of questionnaires for other data collection efforts.

Familial Responses to Financial Instability

A series of studies conducted by Knowledge Networks on behalf of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research. Each study in this series examines the impact of economic factors on family and household relationships.

Married and Cohabiting Couples

A nationally representative sample of U.S. married and cohabiting adults aged 18-64 collected in 2010. Data are available for 1,504 married individuals representing 752 married couples and 646 cohabiting individuals representing 323 couples and include basic demographic characteristics, such as age, income, educational attainment, gender, and race, and individual and couple-level data.

Survey of Criminal Justice Experience

Household survey of the criminal justice experiences of United States adults ages 18-64 collected in 2013. Data are available forĀ 3,260 individuals aged 18-64. Measures capture supervision (e.g. probation, jail, and prison) and broader experiences such as arrests and convictions. Researchers are able to estimate 12-month and life-time prevalence rates of respondents' criminal justice experiences. Demographic variables cover: age, race, sex, income, regions, education, marital status, employment status, and housing type.

The Marriage and Divorce Data Compass

County and State Administrative Marriage and Divorce Data Archive. Data cover varying years spanning from 1867 through 2019.

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