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NCFMR research topics are wide-ranging and diverse. To further our reach, NCFMR Co-Directors, NCFMR/BGSU Research Affiliates, students, and staff participate in conferences, workshops, and seminars across the country, sharing policy-relevant research on American families with practitioners, fellow researchers, and policy makers.  Disseminated as working papers, publications, data resources, and presentations, our research often garners national attention.


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    Love in a Pandemic: COVID-19's impact on relationships
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    Millennials Aren't Having Kids Because It's Too Expensive
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    U.S. birth falls to record low in 2020
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    Why More Couples Are Divorcing at Older Ages (and After More Years of Marriage) Than Before — and What You Can Do to Avoid It
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    Here’s How to Keep a Late Divorce From Ruining Retirement
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    5 Reasons Long-Term Marriages Crumble
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    COVID made marriage both better and worse
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    Are Advisors Ready for a 'Gray Divorce' Explosion?
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    As the pandemic continues on, we are seeing some growing trends among divorces, including more people over the age of 50 splitting
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    Bill & Melinda Gates’ Split Shines Light on 'Gray Divorce' Trend Experts Think Pandemic Fuels     
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    Al igual que Bill y Melinda Gates, cada vez más estadounidenses mayores de 50 años deciden divorciarse
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    Why boomer divorces — like Bill and Melinda Gates — are soaring  
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    In-Depth: Local couple has advice after studies show COVID-19 marital stress
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    Census 2020: The Midwest’s population problem
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    Burden of pandemic parenting fell disproportionally onto mothers, researcher reports  
  • EIN Presswire
    All’s Fair in Love and COVID: Marriage and Divorce in a Pandemic
  • Newswise
    Married same-sex couples more likely to raise kids over cohabiting ones, according to new BGSU research
  • The Signal
    He's not Prince Charming, I'm no Sleeping Beauty
  • NBC10 Philadelphia
    Baby Bust: America's Pandemic Birth Declines Steeper Than Initially Believed  
    Despite pandemic strain on couples, Florida divorce rates go down in 2020
  • New York Times
    • Manage Your Divorce Expectations: Our routines may have stalled during Covid, but the desire to divorce certainly hasn’t. Here, some of the pandemic-age challenges to consider.
  • Topeka Capital-Journal
    • Shawnee County in 2020 saw its fewest number of couples divorce in 36 years. COVID-19 may be the reason why.
  • Forbes
    • Why marriage and divorce rates are dropping in the pandemic
  • First Coast News
    • Ditching 'I do': Marriages plummet 33% in Jacksonville in 2020, reflecting national declines amid pandemic
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    • Divorces and Marriages Tumbled in U.S. During Covid, Study Shows