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Life Design

Our students have big questions, and at Bowling Green State University, our obligation goes beyond granting degrees - with intention, we are supporting students in finding answers. The world is changing, and higher education needs to adapt. That's why all of our students have the opportunity to engage in Life Design, a new and innovative approach to higher education, where students participate in a multi-year journey designed to shape their college experience and beyond.

College is more than becoming career-ready. At BGSU, Life Design is an additional educational experience that ensures students are life-ready, able to navigate challenges, pivot when needed and lead meaningful and productive lives.

As the only university in the country building this initiative to be offered to all undergraduate students at this scale, Life Design at BGSU is a significant differentiator.

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Life Design: A distinct and unparalleled approach for current and future students

What is Life Design?

Grounded in design thinking principles, students explore big questions – what they want to do, and, who they want to become – while shaping their college journey. Students gain the skills needed to:

Find purpose
Students will be intentional about why they are here and where they are going.

Prioritize well-being
Students will have access to resources to support their physical, mental, spiritual (where applicable) and financial well‌being.

Make connections
Students will build a team of peers, faculty, staff, supporters and professional networks.

and Jump-start CAREER
Students will explore possibilities and take action to prepare for life after graduation.

Life Design 2022

Students will have the resources and support to take full advantage of the programs, activities and opportunities that a comprehensive research university offers. They'll have connections to student organizations and opportunities to get involved.

THE LIFE DESIGN STUDENT OUTCOME: As a result of Life Design at BGSU, we expect every student who engages with the program to graduate with a toolkit to design a meaningful and productive life.

It is our goal that students will...

  • MINIMIZE student debt
  • PARTICIPATE in an internship, co-op or immersive research experiential learning opportunity
  • ESTABLISH a network and career connectors
  • GRADUATE in four years or less
  • LAUNCH a successful career or attend graduate school of choice
  • CONNECT to professional development opportunities after graduation
  • BECOME a proud and engaged alumni
Life Design 2022

The Journey of a Life Design Student

While students can enter Life Design at any point of their college experience, there are key deliverables for every student who engages with the program at similar stages of the path. Through this intentionally designed process, students build a toolkit to navigate their college journey and life.


  • Enroll in BGSU 1910
  • Connect With a Design Coach
  • Build a Flight Plan


  • Continue 1:1 Coaching
  • Explore Career Connections
  • Prototype Experiential Learning Opportunities


  • Establish Career Connections
  • Optimize Experiential Learning Opportunities Through Internships, Co-ops or Immersive Research
  • Expand Career Planning and Engagement With Faculty Mentor


  • Engage With Alumni Network
  • Graduate With Strong Sense of Purpose
  • Launch a Career or Attend Graduate School of Choice
  • Connect to Professional Development Opportunities After Graduation

What does the individual student journey look like?

Throughout the Life Design program, students’ individual paths are unique to their own journey, goals and mindset.
These pathways may look like:

College and Life Design Staff Support

Meet the coaches  

Design Coaches begin working with students on or before the first day of classes to ensure students are positioned for success and supported as they begin to navigate their college journey – identifying an academic major, campus involvement and experiential learning opportunities; monitoring health and wellness; and discussing other interests.

As the student progresses in their college journey, they are introduced to the Career Design and Connections team, who will begin providing support and counsel as the student explores internships, co-ops and career opportunities.  

With your Design coach, you can:

  • Explore majors or interests
  • Unlock new opportunities
  • Find ways to get unstuck
  • Understand more about yourself
  • Set goals and take action to achieve your goals
  • Manage your time and energy
  • Build your team by connecting to campus resources

lifedesign@bgsu.edu | Visit us in 201 Central Hall | Request a Design Coach

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