We start by teaching our students to design their college experience and then we provide them with the tools to design their life. People believe college is about a degree, about finding a job. We know that students can accomplish this at most universities.

COVID-19 has taught us that plans change–sometimes in big ways like a global pandemic and sometimes in small ways like changing a major. We’ve been working on a new approach to education, and there is no better time to launch Life Design at BGSU.

An education for life.



We intentionally design the experience to go beyond the classroom by providing students the tools they need to create a personalized journey. Students gain the academic skills needed to jumpstart their career, while learning how to self-reflect, make connections, find purpose and prioritize wellbeing.

A BGSU education is an investment from one of the few research universities in the country that focuses on undergraduate education, tailored to full-time students. We want to make sure students are taking full advantage of all of the programs, activities and opportunities that only a comprehensive research university offers as they plan your educational experience.  

Who do you want to become?


We pair students with a design coach that works with them throughout their entire collegiate career. Our students are taught to think beyond their major and consider their future including their career, friends, family, health, finances, purpose and hobbies. That is why we introduced a program that provides students with a personalized coach who will be at their side and guide and mentor them throughout the next four years.  

A BGSU education is based on a framework using four pillars:
• Career
• Connections
• Purpose
• Wellbeing

It’s a toolkit for life.



Asking a high school student what they want to be for the rest of their life is a hard question. It is a hard question for anyone, really, because we are always growing and changing. We know that college is more than academics and life is more than a career. At BGSU, we encourage you to take action and test possibilities while you are a student to prepare you for life after graduation – for that dream job and so much more.

BGSU is the launching pad for a first job after graduation as well as a career and a meaningful, joy-filled life. Students receive an academic experience unlike any other. Renowned faculty focus on teaching, research and creative activities, but we extend learning outside the classroom so students develop the critical competencies to ensure they are prepared to adapt and pivot throughout their work life when necessary.  

Bigger than a degree.


BGSU is defined by its people —its students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, community members, parents, families and supporters. Our students will meet lifelong friends. They will make connections that lead to their first internship and job. They will engage with faculty and staff. They will have the opportunity to connect with alumni.

We know that the vast majority of new hires have made a prior connection or relationship with that organization. With more than 190,000 alumni in industries throughout the world, we make sure our graduates have these connections and relationships, starting their first semester on campus.  

Falcons belong.



At BGSU, we support the whole student and their education takes place both inside and outside the classroom. We know that people who live a successful and happy life also have good health—physical, mental and financial. We provide our students with tools to achieve overall health and wellness.

Students will have recreational opportunities, access to the Falcon Health Center and the Counseling Center and opportunities to attend financial literacy programs. We encourage students to check in on themselves and set goals for their wellbeing. We also have a new chief health officer devoted to student health and wellness.

It's a balanced lifestyle.


We know that people are more successful in their career and life when they have purpose and are empowered to make a positive change in the world around them. College is a great place to explore and identify a student’s purpose and passion. We do this in an intentional way by building a community where students have opportunities to participate in student organizations, student research, education abroad and community services.

With more than 8,200 courses available, students are encouraged to take classes about subjects they are passionate about. At BGSU, we help students embrace opportunities and find their purpose.

It all begins here.


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