The Identity Project is a university and community-wide collaboration for the fall of 2014 that keynotes the relationship between self-disclosure, especially of highly personal information, and identity formation, as well as the tension between personal privacy and safety/surveillance.


Todd Childers’ and Ryan Shelly’s installation addresses the impact characters in popular children’s literature.
Wood County District Public Library Front Display Case (through September 30)

Two kids given the same name, living in the same city. One grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow, and business leader. The other is serving a life sentence in prison for felony murder. This is the story of two boys and the journey of a generation.  (through spring 2015)


Participants will engage in dialog about identity and privacy in the digital age. According to the publisher: "Her book is a cautionary tale for all of us, with profound implications for our values, our society, and our very selves.”

Wood County District Public Library Carter House, 10:30 am


Donnell Theatre, 2:30 p.m.
Recital: McGill Brothers
Anthony McGill, Principal clarinet of the New York Philharmonic
Demarre McGill, Principal flute of the Seattle Symphony

Anthony and Demarre McGill are brothers who, although born and raised on Chicago’s tough South Side, have both achieved stellar levels of success in the world of classical music, a predominately white profession. Anthony performed with Yo Yo Ma as part of President Obama's first inauguration.

Donnell Theatre, 8:00 p.m.


Since leaving New York in 1985, Mary Gottschalk has lived and/or worked in Panama, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Mexico.  Along the way, she traveled through Asia and the Middle East.

BGSU Women's Center, noon brown bag 

This novel written by a veteran of the war in Iraq, explores the experiences of two young soldiers trying to stay alive.

Sponsored by Wood County District Public Library


Northwest Ohio book groups are invited to hear author Mary Gpotshalk explore new ways of thinking about the world when forced out of one's comfort zone. Sponsored by Wood County District Public Library and University Women. Wood County District Public Library Meeting Room, 10 am


Exhibition opening reception will follow in the Gallery

In her series, titled Confessions and the Sense of Self, Palomo-Lovinski portrays “how women…communicate personal information about themselves to form a sense of community or bonding and as a way to rationalize or accept the feelings they have.”

204 Fine Arts Center, 6-8 pm


Noël Palomo-Lovinski, Confessions and the Sense of Self

Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze, Hybrids, Aliens and Ghosts

Palomo-Lovinski’s series of twelve provocatively clothed mannequins ranges from a bridal gown inspired by confessions from the web site to a dress covered by camouflage with a facemask that “examines the feelings of vulnerability and defensiveness in the act of confession.”

Amanze’s drawings and works on paper explore diasporic cultural hybridity inspired by her own journey from Nigeria to Great Britain to America, and are influenced by textile design, photography, print-making and architecture. Her works navigate this hybridity through the eyes of an alter ego named Ada the Alien.

Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery (Telling Truths/Speaking Secrets will be on view through November 19)


Bearing witness to violence against women, a clothesline is hung with t-shirts. Each t-shirt within the display has been decorated to represent a particular woman’s experience and has been designed by the survivor herself or by someone who cares about her. Sponsored in part by the BGSU Women’s Center, the SAAFE Center and the Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Offenses Coalition.

The Bowen Thompson Student Union Oval, or Multipurpose Room (rain backup), 10 am – 5 pm


A collection of films by BGSU filmmakers who have embraced experimental and documentary approaches to create works that reflect on the self, gender, spiritual and cultural identities.

Featuring the Bowling Green theatrical premiere of Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors, the award-winning documentary by Heather Elliott-Famularo.

ClaZel Theater, 127 N. Main Street, Bowling Green, OH

6:00 pm  Opening Reception, Cash bar and limited appetizers will be available for purchase.

6:30 pm  Collection of short films
The Ohio Renaissance Festival by Skye McCullough
Marking Territories by Alex Peck
Gay with God by Brandon Schneider
Time Between by Alex Peck
a…i…u…e…o… by Michiko Saiki

7:35 pm Bearing Witness: The Voices of the Survivors by Heather Elliott-Famularo
In the film, six Holocaust survivors from five countries share their experiences with teens. Their personal memories, will to survive, and messages of hope inspire, sharing the truth of the Holocaust so that future generations "never forget." For more info:
8:45pm Q&A with the filmmakers hosted by Dr. Ewart Skinner, Associate Professor of Telecommunications, BGSU

Display of Bearing Witness Holocaust survivor portraits by Dena Eber in the lobby.


The Silent Witness Unveiling Ceremony is an event put on every year by the BGSU Women's Center to honor girls and women from Northwest Ohio whose lives ended violently due to domestic and intimate partner violence. The 71 wooden figures-- representing the 71 local women who have lost their lives at the hands of their partners in the past ten years--begin the ceremony covered by their shrouds and are unveiled throughout the evening as each woman's story is told. Douglas will open the ceremony with a talk about the role men can play in eliminating domestic violence.

Bowen Thompson Student Union Ballroom, 7 pm  


Jeff Henderson grew up on the tough streets of Los Angeles and San Diego and was headed toward a life of crime. While jailed for 10 years for his involvement in a drug operation, he discovered a passion for cooking and committed himself to turning his life around. Eventually he was catapulted into a prestigious career as an executive chef and later as the Food Network personality behind The Chef Jeff Project. Contact Lisa Tatham for tickets at or call 419-372-2856.

101 Olscamp Hall, 4 pm

Dinner, lecture and book signing by the noted celebrity hosted by Bowling Green State University Libraries and its Advocates Board For ticket information, click here or email
Event Starts at 6:30 pm


Art from the Cocoon Shelter's domestic violence program

Wood County District Public Library Meeting Room 2-4 pm (through November 19)


Talks, panels, arts performances and videos throughout the day on such topics as the art of tattoos, food and identity, balancing respect for individual privacy and concern for public safety, diversity and the sense of self, and the personal ads on Craigslist.  Refreshments will be provided. For more information contact Professor Lesa Lockford,

Bowen Thompson Student Union Third floor, 10 am – 4 pm

PDF Program


Art Gallery, Wolfe Center Lobby and Donnell Theatre, 3-6 pm

A catered reception with live music, a fashion show featuring local luminaries and live stand-up comedy. All performances courtesy of BGSU arts areas. For more information, contact CRC at 1045 Klotz Rd, BG, 419-352-7588 or 888-466-KIDS.


Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze is a Brooklyn-based artist of Nigerian birth and British upbringing. Her works, collectively titled Hybrids, Aliens and Ghosts, explore her navigations of this hybridity through the eyes of an alter ego named Ada the Alien.

Wolfe Center Donnell Theatre, 6 pm

The Bowling Green High School Drama Club will present an original 20-minute scene that depicts the vulnerability of teens associated with human trafficking. The event will include an introduction to Wood County as a location of high trafficking and a follow-up discussion of such questions as

How do teens' identities become usurped by traffickers? 

Why are teens with low self-esteem (or vulnerable identities) especially targeted? 

How can we bring IDENTITY to the issue of human trafficking?

Bryan Gallery Lobby, 8 pm


Perry Township’s Sergeant Daniel J. Patron was killed on 6 August 2011 in Sangin, Afghanistan, while attempting to diffuse a roadside bomb.  Director Matthew Patron’s film earned the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation’s Major Norman Hatch Award for best feature documentary. The work reflects the filmmaker’s search for his own identity following the traumatic loss of his brother and suggests that witnessing about it through cinema can result in post-traumatic growth.  The screening will be followed by a brief interview with the filmmaker and an opportunity for Q&A with the audience.  Hosted by Brett Holden, Ph.D., Department of Theatre and Film.

BGSU Film Theater, 7-9 pm


Art display from inmates at the Wood County Justice Center

Wood County District Public Library. This exhibit will travel to the Pemberville Public Library and the Weston Public library in December. (through November 31]

Please indicate if you need special services, assistance or accommodations to fully participate in this program by contacting Jacqui Nathan at 419-372-8525. Please notify us at least ten (10) days in advance.   

Sponsors: BGSU School of Art, School of Cultural and Critical Studies, English Department, Counseling Center, Women’s Center, Wellness Connection, Student Affairs and University Libraries; the Wood County District Public Library and the ClaZel Theater

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Clazel Theatre
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