Support and Guidance

Student Case Management Services

Student Case Management services advocates for all students by connecting students to appropriate campus and community resources through an individualized approach. Students are provided with referrals, resources, and follow-up if needed. We are dedicated to ensuring our students are well supported and connected. 

Case managers can offer students resources and support related to academic concerns, mental/physical health, extended class absenses, food/housing/financial insecrity, concerns with with peers, faculty and staff, as welll as bias incidents. 

Emergency Assistance Programs

The student emergency assistance program provides a short-term solution for students who are in need of an immediate meal, housing, and other basic needs.  If you or someone you know is experiencing food/housing/financial insecurity, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students. *Please note that in applying for assistance, the case manager may inquire about a student’s financial aid, meal plan, and/or other mechanisms of support to ensure that the student is able to fulfill ongoing needs. Please note that this application will be available starting May 16, 2022.

Student Emergency Fund

Provides a short-term solution for student in need of an immediate meal. This program can provide students with a limited meal card to be used in our dining halls (The Oaks and Carillon Place). Students can complete a food assistance application or come to the Office of the Dean of Students to request assistance. 

The success of this program is based on the generosity of our students. We believe in Falcons taking care of falcons. Therefore, students can donate one swipe per week at The Oaks or Carillon Place at the cashier’s station or through this form. Donated Swipes will be placed on a meal card for students facing food insecurity.

This program provides a student facing food insecurity with a bag of groceries to sustain them for 3 days. The bag contains three days’ worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students can complete a food assistance application or come to the Office of the Dean of Students to request assistance.

We are aware that hardships in life do not stop when one becomes a student. We are also aware that not every student has support and resources to meet their basic needs during times of emergency. As such, we have this program that can provide students with toiletries, clothing vouchers to a local business, laundry cards, feminine hygiene products, and other basic toiletries. Please note that this is based on availability and need. Please call the Office of the Dean of Students 419-372-2843 and schedule a meeting with the case manager to obtain this assistance.

Ways to support student assistance programs

Interested in sponsoring a food drive for the Grab-N-Go Food bag Program? (please contact the Office of the Dean of Students for more information)

Be a part of the BGSU community’s response to COVID-19
Your gift will help with essential needs such as rent, utilities, technology and equipment, travel expenses to return home or even buy food. This aid will greatly help our students who are working hard to navigate the changes this pandemic brings and to stay on track to graduate.

Give to the Student Emergency Fund

Donate a swipe to our Falcon Care Program

This program provides students experiencing food insecurity with a temporary meal card that has 5 swipes to be used in our dinning halls. Students can donate ONE swipe per week to the Falcon Care Program to help sustain the program. This aid will greatly help our students who are working hard to navigate financial challenges, while striving to meet their academic requirements.

The Grab-N-Go program was founded by the Office of the Dean of Students as there is an apparent need for students facing food insecurity.

By hosting an event, you can help address food insecurity in our community. In our Food Drive Guide, you will find planning tips, a list of items the program collects, and other tips to make your food drive a success.  

Class Absence Notification

This is a verification of a student absence and is NOT intended as an excused absence from class.  Student's need to be reminded to contact their professors on their own, as soon as they are able regarding this absence.  Please call the Office of the Dean of Students at 419-372-2843 to submit a class absence notification.

Reporting Student Related Issues

Bowling Green State University is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming campus community. We want to ensure that students, faculty, staff and the public have the ability to inform the University of issues such as:

  1. Student or Student Organization Misconduct
  2. Students of Concern
  3. Hazing
  4. Title IX and Sexual Harassment
  5. Bias Related Incidents
  6. Harassment/Discrimination


Updated: 05/18/2022 10:23AM