Clinical-Community Alumni

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Here is a list of graduates of our program with a concentration in clinical – community psychology whose research was supervised by Dr. Catherine Stein.  Listed are alumni names, date of graduation, name of their research project (dissertation or masters or postmasters research) and their first position immediately following graduation.  

Ph.D. Students

Graduation Date: 2023

Job Title: Post-doctoral Fellow. Division of Prevention and Community Research. The Consultation Center Yale University. Department of Psychiatry.

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Dissertation: Can Social Media Contact Reduce Stigma? Promoting Empathy with the Art and Writing of People Experiencing Mental Illness

Graduation Date: 2022

Job Title: Staff Psychologist, VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System Lous Stokes Cleveland VAMC

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Dissertation: Understanding Families of Adults with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Measure of Service and Support Needs Grounded in Family Members' Experience

Masters Title: First-Generation and Continuing-Generation College Students: The Role of Perceived Parental Interactions and Support in Individual and College-Related Well-Being

Graduation Date: 2022

Job Title: Staff Psychologist, VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System Lous Stokes Cleveland VAMC

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Dissertation: Communication Privacy Management Among Emerging Adult Children of Mothers with Depression

Masters Title: Maternal Relationship, Social Stigma, and Advocacy Among Young Adult Children of Mothers Living with Depression

Graduation Date: 2021

Job Title: Women Veterans' Mental Health Fellow at the VA Ann Arbor University of Michigan Postdoctoral Clinical Psychology Consortium. 

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dissertation: Women's Accounts of Their Experiences with the #MeToo Movement

Master Title: Social justice and citizen participation on Tumblr: Examining the changing landscape of social activism in the digital era

Year: 2021

Job Title: Team Lead for Individualized Addictions Consultation Team Residential Program

Location: Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI

Dissertation: How I See Things: Older Adults Living with Serious Mental Illness Describe their Experiences Using Photovoice

Master Title: Psychiatric Hospitalization and Resiliency: Experiences of Adults with Serious Mental Illness Upon Reentering their Communities

Year: 2020

Current Location: Postdoctoral Fellow at Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Service in Medford, MA

Dissertation: Conflict or Solidarity: Understanding Sibling Relationships in Families Coping with Parental Mental Illness

Master Title: Familial Caregiving, Role Reversal, and Social Ties: Experiences of Young Women with Mothers with Mental Illness

Year: 2018

Current Location: Staff Psychologist, Chillicothe VA Medical Center, Chillicothe, OH

Dissertation Title: "Not your typical Queer...": Applying an Intersectional Framework to the Identity Development of Low-Income, First-Generation, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer College Students

Masters Title: Parental Involvement in the Lives of Adult Children with a Serious Mental Illness

Year: 2017

Current Location: Staff Psychologist, Dorn VA Medical Center, Columbia South Carolina

Dissertation Title: Understanding Factors Related to Surviving a Disaster: The Survival Attitude Scale

Masters Title: University disaster preparedness: A network approach

Year: 2017

Current Location: Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Residency with emphasis in Psychosocial Rehabilitation 

Dissertation Title: Citizen participation to promote social justice and individual well-being in Detroit Michigan

Masters Title: Attachment style, perceived life events, and psychological well-being in adults coping with bipolar disorder: a longitudinal study 



Year: 2015

Current Location: Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Commonwealth of Virginia Eastern State Hospital Williamsburg

Dissertation Title: The provider-consumer relationship and individual well-being: perspectives of adults with serious mental illness and their mental health care providers

Masters Title: Recovery-oriented services and the provider-consumer relationship: Interdisciplinary perspectives of community mental health care providers in Virginia

Year: 2015

Current Location: Intern at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland

Dissertation Title: Secondary stigma for professionals who work with marginalized client groups: A comparative study

Year: 2014

Current Location: Psychology Fellow in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Program, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Durham, NC

Dissertation Title: Recovery and transformations from loss in adults with serious mental illness

Masters Title: Personal loss in well siblings of adults with serious mental illness: Implications for caregiving, growth and sibling needs

Year: 2012

Current Location: Psychologist and Training Program Manager at Native American Health Center, Oakland, CA

Dissertation Title: From discrimination to action: Understanding empowerment in the deaf community

Masters Title: Empowerment in the Deaf Community: Analyzing the Posts of Internet Weblogs

Year: 2011

Current Location: Clinical Assistant Professor, New York University, New York City, NY

Dissertation Title: Living in the community with serious mental illness: Community integration experiences of clubhouse members

Year: 2010

Current Location: Providence Psychology, RI Clinical Psychologist, Providence, RI

Dissertation Title: “It’s About Give and Take”: The Importance of Parental Felt Obligation in Adolescence

Masters Title: Optimism and loss: The experiences of children in foster care.

Year: 2010

Current Location: Staff Psychologist at VA Maine Health Care System, Augusta, ME

Dissertation Title: Community-based theater and persons with psychiatric disabilities: An investigation of individual and group development, social activism, and community integration

Masters Title: Comparing live and video-taped theatrical performance in changing stigmatizing attitudes towards people with serious mental illness

Year: 2010

Current Location: Assistant Professor at University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI

Dissertation Title: When mom has a serious mental illness: The mother-young adult relationship, caregiving, and psychosocial adjustment

Masters Title: How employable are people with serious mental illness? Case managers’ and undergraduates’ expectations

Year: 2008

Current Location: Licensed Psychologist and Training Coordinator at the University of Missouri- St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Dissertation Title: Social networks of NCAA Division I college athletes: Relationships between network structure, personal goal orientation, and well-being

Masters Title: Social networks of young adults coping with serious mental illness: Network stability and well-being correlates

Year: 2008

Current Location: Clinical Psychologist at Healtheast St. Joseph’s Hospital, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Dissertation Title: Living with serious mental illness: The role of personal loss in recovery and quality of life

Year: 2005

Current Location: Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, PA

Dissertation Title: Religious meaning-making coping for young adults with serious mental illness: A longitudinal study

Year: 2005

Current Location: Associate Director, VA Northeast Program Evaluation Center, West haven, CT; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Dissertation Title: We are what we do: Examining social roles of people with serious mental illness and their parents

Masters Title: Perceptions of the significance of hip fracture: well elders' reports of fear of hip fracture, fear of falling, and functionality

Year: 2004

Current Location: Director of Psychological Service Center, Bowling Green State University

Dissertation Title: Not as different as you might think: The psychosocial development of collegiate student-athletes and student-musicians

Masters Title: Felt obligation, allocation of resources, and guilt correlates in adult children of retirement and assisted living community residents

Year: 2002

Current Location: Director of Research and Evaluation for the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, New Haven, CT; Assistant Professor at Yale University, Department of Psychiatry, New Haven, CT

Dissertation Title: What do you think about me thinking for myself? : Views from two Ohio communities on psychiatric advance directives

Masters Title: The development of a measure of case manager expectations about the abilities of clients with schizophrenia: the case manager expectancy inventory

Year: 2002

Current Location: Site Supervisor in the Lancaster Clinic at Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc., Lancaster, OH

Dissertation Title: Beyond burnout and stress: Personal growth experiences of case managers who work with people with serious mental illness

Masters Title: Perceptions of professional burnout and perceived effectiveness: a study of rural and urban case managers

Year: 2001

Current Location: Clinical Psychologist, Toledo, OH

Dissertation Title: Schizophrenia: An examination of the beliefs and attitudes of practicing clinical psychologists.

Year: 2000

Current Location: Clinical Psychologist, Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, Holland, MI

Dissertation Title: Mine and ours: Two methods for examining shared networks of married couples

Masters Title: The assessment of reciprocity of support exchanges through use of multiple perspectives data

Year: 1999

Current Location: President of Resources for Healthy Living, Inc., Perrysburg, OH;

Medical staff at St. Luke’s Hospital

Dissertation Title: The role of race, diagnosis, and chronicity in describing community tenure and length of psychiatric inpatient stay over a ten year period

Masters Title: Felt obligation, enactment, and individual psychological well-being correlates in non-distressed married couples

Year: 1999

Current Location: Director of Evaluation and Services Research at University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

Dissertation Title: Adult siblings of people with serious mental illness: The relationship between self-and-sibling-care beliefs and psychological adjustment

Masters Title: Parental influence on sibling caregiving for the severely mentally ill

Year: 1998

Current Location: Director, Community Services Goodwill/Easter Seals Minneapolis MN

Dissertation Title: Describing Mexican-American migrant farmworker parents: A cluster analytic approach

Masters Title: Felt obligation: a study of Mexican American and Anglo American adult family relationships

Year: 1998

Current Location: Psychologist, Western State Hospital Staunton, Virginia

Dissertation Title: Relationships between etiological beliefs about schizophrenia, involvement with ill sibling, and psychological well-being.

Masters Title: Personal network delineations: Methodology and individual factors

Year: 1991

Current Location: President, Welcoming Heart Meditation, Savannah, GA

Dissertation Title: Divorced single mothers: Their social relationships and psychological well-being.

Masters' and Post-Masters Students

Year: 2018

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Masters project: The Role of Social Networks in Helping Adults Cope with the Death of a Sibling

Year: 2017

Location: Whole Brain Solutions, LLC, Morgantown, WV

Master's Project: What it's like for me: Transgender students' accounts of college life

Year: 2013

Current Location: Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Preliminary Research Title: Recovery-oriented services for individuals with mental illness and case managers’ experience of professional burnout

Year: 2008

Current Location: Arvada, CO

Masters Title: Coping with the personal loss of having a parent with mental illness: Young adults' narrative accounts of spiritual struggle and strength

Year: 2007

Current Location: Court Liaison at FEGS, New York City, NY

Masters Title: Personal loss and mental illness: Can social networks help young adults and parents cope?

Year: 2003

Current Location: School Psychologist at Lynn Public Schools, Greater Boston area

Masters Title: Qué necesitan?: A needs assessment of migrant farmworker children and families

Year: 1989

Current Location: Licensed Psychologist, Fort Collins, CO

Masters Title: A social network approach to the study of friendship for working and middle class married adults


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