Staff Directory

Campus Operations

Bruce A. Meyer Associate Vice President Capital Planning and Campus Operations 419-372-6821
Andrea Depinet Assistant Vice President Campus Operations 419-372-8844
Ann Reisner Assistant Director of Budgets 419-372-5467
J. Eric Heilmeier Director of Campus Services 419-372-9302
Matt Rubel Director Energy Management
Erin Keegan Associate Director Energy Management
David Crow Sr. MEP Superintendent 419-372-7663
Mark Hester Associate Director Engineering 419-372-7686
Nicholas Hennessy Manager of Sustainability 419-372-9949
Troy Spikes Associate Director Logistics 419-372-9225
Dennis Voss Coordinator of Campus Services - Athletics and Art Zones
Jill Foos Coordinator of Campus Services - Tradition and Science Zones
Alex Pilcher Business Analyst TMA 419-372-2573
Amani Snyder Sr. Budget Coordinator
Judy Amend Administrative Secretary 419-372-9307
Paula Kiehl Help Desk -- Operations Service Representative 419-372-7647
Sandy Tolbert Help Desk -- Operations Service Representative 419-372-2251