Food Donation Request

In partnership with BGSU Dining and the Office of Campus Activities, Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are permitted to bring select donated items into meeting and event locations at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union (BTSU) or Olscamp 101 in support of RSO events, fundraisers, and/or other philanthropic activities. All donated product must come directly from a commercially licensed food service provider. 

Each item and its quantity from your supported vendor(s) must be pre-approved using the Food Donation Request Form below, which should be submitted to the Conference & Event Services office (#231 BTSU) for review and final approval at least two weeks prior to your event.

Please note that only the following items have been approved for donation: Bagels, Baked Goods, Pies (without cream), Cakes, Packaged Snacks, Candy, Popcorn, Non-processed Fruits & Vegetables, Pizza, and Subs (without condiments). Beverages are not permitted for donation beyond Spot/Coke Funding, which may be available through the Office of Campus Activities. 


Also note that individuals may not donate food personally prepared for events held in the spaces noted above, nor may individuals or organizations purchase food and then donate it to an event.

Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact Patrick Nelson, BTSU Director at

Updated: 09/10/2021 04:43PM