Schedule and Scientific Sessions

The location of the conference will be held in the Ingman Room at the

University of Toledo Lancelot Thompson Student Union. 

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Session 1

Detection, Identification and Diversity of CHABs

Plenary Speaker, Susan Wilde

Session 2

Toxic Cyanobacteria in the Context of Climate Change

Plenary Speaker, Dedmer van de Waal

Session 3

Ecology of Cyanobacteria - Toxic CHAB in Freshwaters and Coastal Systems

Plenary Speaker, Thad Scott

Session 4

Secondary Cyanometabolites – Structure, Biosynthesis, Physiological Function, Environmental Significance and Biotechnical Application

Plenary Speaker, Elisabeth Janssen

Session 5

CHABs and Omics: Advances in Genetics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, and Proteomics to Understanding CHABs

Plenary Speaker, Morgan Steffen             

Session 6

Special Session Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Freshwater Harmful Algal Bloom Workshop (IFHAB) - Current and Future Issues in cHAB Detection, Monitoring, Mitigation and Management

Plenary Speaker, Greg Boyer

Session 7

Special Panel Discussion Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Freshwater Harmful Algal Bloom Workshop (IFHAB) - Experts in the hot seat:  What is the greatest challenge facing us in the management and reduction of cHABs?

Session 8

New Technologies, Modeling, and Smart Lakes  

Plenary Speaker, Reagan M. Errera

Session 9

Interactions Between CHABs and the Phycosphere

Plenary Speaker, Greg Dick

Session 10

Risk, Prevention, Management, and Mitigation of CHABs: Applied Applications from Establishing Risk to Remediation

Plenary Speaker, Faith Kibuye

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