Sherona Garrett-Ruffin

Senior Lecturer
B.A., Biopsychology, Oberlin College, 1993
Ph.D., Neuroscience, Kent State University, 2002
M.A., Mental Health Counseling, Bowling Green State University, 2014

Phone: (419) 372-8125
Office: 261 Psychology

Research Interests:

    My primary duties involve teaching undergraduate students.  To enhance my teaching, I also engage in research.  My research interests include exploring the relationships between electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwave patterns and affect, specifically impulsivity and empathy.

    Taking Grad Students? No

    Sponsoring Undergraduate Research? Yes

    Courses Taught:

    • PSYC 1010.   General Psychology
    • PSYC 1010H. General Psychlolgy Honors
    • PSYC 2900.   Introduction to Laboratory Methods in Psychology
    • PSYC 3060.   Psychology of Gender
    • PSYC 3280.   Psychophysiology
    • RESC 2000.   Service-learning (Juvenile Delinquency)