Carolyn Tompsett

Professor, Department of Psychology
B.A., Yale University, 1999
M.A., Wayne State University, 2003
Ph.D., Wayne State University, 2008

Phone: (419) 372-8256
Office: Room 329, Psychology Building
Lab Page: Tompsett Lab

Taking Graduate Students? Yes
Sponsoring Undergraduate Research? Yes

Research Interests:

Examining ecological models of juvenile delinquency and substance abuse among adolescents; intersection of neighborhoods and poverty, peer and family influences; integrating geographic and psychological data.

Selected Publications:

Pratt, M., King, M., Burash, J., & Tompsett, C.J. (2020). What differences do they see? Using mixed methods to capture adolescent perceptions of neighborhood contexts. American Journal of Community Psychology.

Tompsett, C.J., & Colburn, S. (2019). Characteristics of friend networks and risk for alcohol, marijuana, and behavior problems in college. Journal of College Student Development, 60, 203-218.

Colburn, S., Pratt, M., Watkins, A., & Tompsett, C.J. (2018). Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration through process evaluation (Criminal Justice Interest Group column). The Community Psychologist, 51.

Tompsett, C.J., Veits, G.M., Amhrein, K.A. (2016). Peer delinquency and where adolescents spend time with peers: mediation and moderation of home neighborhood effects on self-reported delinquency. Journal of Community Psychology, 44, 263-270.

Dynes, M., Domoff, S.E., Hassan, S., Amrhein, K.A., & Tompsett, C.J. (2015). Parental monitoring, peer deviance, and co-offending: a moderated mediation analysis. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24, 3516-3525.

Tompsett, C.J., Amrhein, K.E., & Hassan, S. (2014). The influence of the home neighborhood on delinquency: moderation by location of delinquent behaviors. Journal of Adolescence, 37, 325-333.

Tompsett, C.J., Domoff, S.E., & Toro, P.A. (2013). Peer substance use and homelessness predicting substance abuse from adolescence through early adulthood. American Journal of Community Psychology, 51, 520-529.

Domoff, S.E., Hayman, J., & Tompsett, C.J. (2012). An examination of collective efficacy in rural neighborhoods: divergence from urban neighborhood research. Journal of Community Psychology, 40, 762-768.

Courses Taught:

  • PSYC 4050 Abnormal Psychology (undergraduate)
  • PSYC 6110 Therapy Skills Team (graduate)
  • PSYC 7800 Lifespan Development in Social Context (graduate)
  • PSYC 7800 Adolescent Therapy and Theory (graduate)

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