Diversity Committee

Mission Statement:

The focus of the diversity committee is to raise awareness of the importance of diversity in the field of psychology.  We aim to create an environment in the psychology department at Bowling Green State University that reflects and fosters diversity of culture, ethnicity, gender, physical ability and lifestyle orientation. To this end the diversity committee seeks to achieve the following goals.

1. Promote diversity in psychological research and clinical training and expand the curriculum to include diversity issues

  • Encourage research with diverse populations through funding and other resources
  • Encourage students to take courses outside of the psychology department curriculum, e.g., anthropology, sociology, ethnic studies, political science
  • Encourage clinical students to develop practicum sites that cater to diverse populations
  • Support and expand faculty inclusion of research articles that address minority issues in course readings

2. Develop diversity series that will bring knowledgeable speakers to the department to address diversity issues in psychology

  • As part of the diversity series, develop a schedule of forums to provide department members with the opportunity to discuss diversity related issues

3. Increase minority graduate student recruitment and retention

  • Be proactive in establishing contact with applicants interested in diversity in the psychology department if they are accepted in the first round of the process
  • Clearly indicate on our website our commitment to addressing diversity and minority issues
  • Send advertising materials to universities with large psychology departments

4. Encourage recruitment and retention of minority faculty

5. Work in conjunction with the existing university programs aimed at fostering the adjustment and academic performance of minority undergraduate students

6. Establish outside funding sources to support diversity related student activities

7. Actively engage in discussions regarding diversity issues

8. Develop resource listing of opportunities for diversity experiences in local communities, e.g., ethnic groceries and restaurants, places of worship, clubs and associations. (This is to be given to all incoming graduate students and faculty)

Updated: 03/12/2021 04:23PM