Mindful Behavior Therapies and Psychophysiology Lab

Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of the Mindful Behavior therapies and Psychophysiology (MAP) lab is to develop knowledge and methods that can be used to alleviate human suffering and enhance well-being with a commitment to globally-relevant, cross-cultural, non-WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrial, Rich, Democratic), research.  We strive to advance this overarching goal by: (a) engaging in basic research designed to better understand the nature of biobehavioral disorders; (b) engaging in applied research focused on the development and evaluation of innovative clinical procedures that blend philosophies, theories, and techniques from Western and non-Western cultures; (c) sharing our learning through teaching, supervision, and scholarly writing; and (d) providing direct clinical services to persons in hospital settings, nursing homes, community medical settings, and outpatient mental health settings using a scientist-practitioner model of service delivery.


Updated: 02/09/2023 06:42PM