Clinical-Community Alumni

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Ph.D. Students

Graduation Date: 2021

Job Title: Women Veterans' Mental Health Fellow at the VA Ann Arbor University of Michigan Postdoctoral Clinical Psychology Consortium. 

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dissertation: Women's Accounts of Their Experiences with the #MeToo Movement


Year: 2021

Job Title: Team Lead for Individualized Addictions Consultation Team Residential Program

Location: Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI

Dissertation: How I See Things: Older Adults Living with Serious Mental Illness Describe their Experiences Using Photovoice

Year: 2020

Current Location: Postdoctoral Fellow at Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Service in Medford, MA

Dissertation: Conflict or Solidarity: Understanding Sibling Relationships in Families Coping with Parental Mental Illness

Year: 2018

Current Location: Staff Psychologist, Chillicothe VA Medical Center, Chillicothe, OH

Dissertation Title: "Not your typical Queer...": Applying an Intersectional Framework to the Identity Development of Low-Income, First-Generation, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer College Students

Masters Title: Parental Involvement in the Lives of Adult Children with a Serious Mental Illness

Year: 2017

Current Location: Staff Psychologist, Dorn VA Medical Center, Columbia South Carolina

Dissertation Title: Understanding Factors Related to Surviving a Disaster: The Survival Attitude Scale

Masters Title: University disaster preparedness: A network approach

Year: 2017

Current Location: Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Residency with emphasis in Psychosocial Rehabilitation 

Dissertation Title: Citizen participation to promote social justice and individual well-being in Detroit Michigan

Masters Title: Attachment style, perceived life events, and psychological well-being in adults coping with bipolar disorder: a longitudinal study 



Year: 2015

Current Location: Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Commonwealth of Virginia Eastern State Hospital Williamsburg

Dissertation Title: The provider-consumer relationship and individual well-being: perspectives of adults with serious mental illness and their mental health care providers

Masters Title: Recovery-oriented services and the provider-consumer relationship: Interdisciplinary perspectives of community mental health care providers in Virginia

Year: 2015

Current Location: Intern at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland

Dissertation Title: Secondary stigma for professionals who work with marginalized client groups: A comparative study

Year: 2014

Current Location: Psychology Fellow in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Program, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Durham, NC

Dissertation Title: Recovery and transformations from loss in adults with serious mental illness

Masters Title: Personal loss in well siblings of adults with serious mental illness: Implications for caregiving, growth and sibling needs

Year: 2012

Current Location: Psychologist and Training Program Manager at Native American Health Center, Oakland, CA

Dissertation Title: From discrimination to action: Understanding empowerment in the deaf community

Masters Title: Empowerment in the Deaf Community: Analyzing the Posts of Internet Weblogs

Year: 2011

Current Location: Clinical Assistant Professor, New York University, New York City, NY

Dissertation Title: Living in the community with serious mental illness: Community integration experiences of clubhouse members

Year: 2010

Current Location: Providence Psychology, RI Clinical Psychologist, Providence, RI

Dissertation Title: “It’s About Give and Take”: The Importance of Parental Felt Obligation in Adolescence

Masters Title: Optimism and loss: The experiences of children in foster care.

Year: 2010

Current Location: Staff Psychologist at VA Maine Health Care System, Augusta, ME

Dissertation Title: Community-based theater and persons with psychiatric disabilities: An investigation of individual and group development, social activism, and community integration

Masters Title: Comparing live and video-taped theatrical performance in changing stigmatizing attitudes towards people with serious mental illness

Year: 2010

Current Location: Assistant Professor at University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI

Dissertation Title: When mom has a serious mental illness: The mother-young adult relationship, caregiving, and psychosocial adjustment

Masters Title: How employable are people with serious mental illness? Case managers’ and undergraduates’ expectations

Year: 2008

Current Location: Licensed Psychologist and Training Coordinator at the University of Missouri- St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Dissertation Title: Social networks of NCAA Division I college athletes: Relationships between network structure, personal goal orientation, and well-being

Masters Title: Social networks of young adults coping with serious mental illness: Network stability and well-being correlates

Year: 2008

Current Location: Clinical Psychologist at Healtheast St. Joseph’s Hospital, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Dissertation Title: Living with serious mental illness: The role of personal loss in recovery and quality of life

Year: 2005

Current Location: Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, PA

Dissertation Title: Religious meaning-making coping for young adults with serious mental illness: A longitudinal study

Year: 2005

Current Location: Associate Director, VA Northeast Program Evaluation Center, West haven, CT; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Dissertation Title: We are what we do: Examining social roles of people with serious mental illness and their parents

Masters Title: Perceptions of the significance of hip fracture: well elders' reports of fear of hip fracture, fear of falling, and functionality

Year: 2004

Current Location: Director of Psychological Service Center, Bowling Green State University

Dissertation Title: Not as different as you might think: The psychosocial development of collegiate student-athletes and student-musicians

Masters Title: Felt obligation, allocation of resources, and guilt correlates in adult children of retirement and assisted living community residents

Year: 2002

Current Location: Director of Research and Evaluation for the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, New Haven, CT; Assistant Professor at Yale University, Department of Psychiatry, New Haven, CT

Dissertation Title: What do you think about me thinking for myself? : Views from two Ohio communities on psychiatric advance directives

Masters Title: The development of a measure of case manager expectations about the abilities of clients with schizophrenia: the case manager expectancy inventory

Year: 2002

Current Location: Site Supervisor in the Lancaster Clinic at Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc., Lancaster, OH

Dissertation Title: Beyond burnout and stress: Personal growth experiences of case managers who work with people with serious mental illness

Masters Title: Perceptions of professional burnout and perceived effectiveness: a study of rural and urban case managers

Year: 2001

Current Location: Clinical Psychologist, Toledo, OH

Dissertation Title: Schizophrenia: An examination of the beliefs and attitudes of practicing clinical psychologists.

Year: 2000

Current Location: Clinical Psychologist, Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, Holland, MI

Dissertation Title: Mine and ours: Two methods for examining shared networks of married couples

Masters Title: The assessment of reciprocity of support exchanges through use of multiple perspectives data

Year: 1999

Current Location: President of Resources for Healthy Living, Inc., Perrysburg, OH;

Medical staff at St. Luke’s Hospital

Dissertation Title: The role of race, diagnosis, and chronicity in describing community tenure and length of psychiatric inpatient stay over a ten year period

Masters Title: Felt obligation, enactment, and individual psychological well-being correlates in non-distressed married couples

Year: 1999

Current Location: Director of Evaluation and Services Research at University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

Dissertation Title: Adult siblings of people with serious mental illness: The relationship between self-and-sibling-care beliefs and psychological adjustment

Masters Title: Parental influence on sibling caregiving for the severely mentally ill

Year: 1998

Current Location: Director, Community Services Goodwill/Easter Seals Minneapolis MN

Dissertation Title: Describing Mexican-American migrant farmworker parents: A cluster analytic approach

Masters Title: Felt obligation: a study of Mexican American and Anglo American adult family relationships

Year: 1998

Current Location: Psychologist, Western State Hospital Staunton, Virginia

Dissertation Title: Relationships between etiological beliefs about schizophrenia, involvement with ill sibling, and psychological well-being.

Masters Title: Personal network delineations: Methodology and individual factors

Year: 1991

Current Location: President, Welcoming Heart Meditation, Savannah, GA

Dissertation Title: Divorced single mothers: Their social relationships and psychological well-being.

Masters' and Post-Masters Students

Year: 2018

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Masters project: The Role of Social Networks in Helping Adults Cope with the Death of a Sibling

Year: 2017

Location: Whole Brain Solutions, LLC, Morgantown, WV

Master's Project: What it's like for me: Transgender students' accounts of college life

Year: 2013

Current Location: Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Preliminary Research Title: Recovery-oriented services for individuals with mental illness and case managers’ experience of professional burnout

Year: 2008

Current Location: Arvada, CO

Masters Title: Coping with the personal loss of having a parent with mental illness: Young adults' narrative accounts of spiritual struggle and strength

Year: 2007

Current Location: Court Liaison at FEGS, New York City, NY

Masters Title: Personal loss and mental illness: Can social networks help young adults and parents cope?

Year: 2003

Current Location: School Psychologist at Lynn Public Schools, Greater Boston area

Masters Title: Qué necesitan?: A needs assessment of migrant farmworker children and families

Year: 1989

Current Location: Licensed Psychologist, Fort Collins, CO

Masters Title: A social network approach to the study of friendship for working and middle class married adults


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