Funding Opportunities

Many of our students receive funding either as Graduate Assistants with the Political Science department, or in other centers or programs at the University. Past assistantships have been held by students at the Center for Regional Development, Dean of Student Affairs Office and more. 

Graduate Assistants in the Political Science Department receive a tuition scholarship (partial or full scholarship), as well as a stipend that is paid every two weeks. To apply, simply check the box on the application form when you apply for admission. Graduate Assistants in our department typically assist faculty with their courses including experiences such as running simulations, grading and tutoring. All Graduate Assistants receive training to prepare them for their work.

Students are also encouraged to apply for graduate assistantships in other offices on campus, which also include scholarships and stipends.

Graduate Assistant Postings on Campus

Updated: 10/07/2021 01:26PM