Recent Alum Uses Degree to Start Cooking Business


By: Emily Gielink

DeAnte Shivers received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BAC) in May of 2017. He now uses his degree to pursue what he loves: cooking.

Shivers serves as an example of the diversity which is possible in the communication field. Jobs can vary from working in an office, all the way to effectively using communication in the business world.

"Communication definitely taught me how to prepare better, and how to communicate more efficiently," Shivers said.

In July of 2016, while in his last academic year at BGSU, Shivers began his own cooking business, serving homemade meals to the community of Bowling Green. #TriggaMeals started by serving only chicken fried rice and steak fried rice, but Shivers said he is currently working on a new menu. Along with his current menu, he offers daily specials such as Cajun shrimp bake and steak with alfredo and asparagus.

He takes inspiration from his mother, who passed away in March 2016. Shivers was inspired by his family, as both his brother and father are chefs. However, he went to college to expand his horizons beyond Detroit, Michigan, and to make his mother proud.

"She believed in me when I wasn't believing in myself," Shivers said, "and she always told me that success doesn't have a time frame."

Although he left BGSU after his sophomore year, he knew he wanted to make his mother proud. He returned to BGSU a few years later, and continued to pursue his degree. While walking across the stage at graduation, Shivers held a picture of his mother with him.

"My mother told me to finish, no matter what it took, and I kept my promise," he said.

Post-graduation, he has been focusing on his cooking business. He hopes that his communication skills and cooking ability can lead him to owning his own food truck one day.

Shivers encourages current and future students, "Do what's best for you, and don't be quick to give up on it."