Student Ambassadors

By: Emily Gielink

            Communication students are showing prospective students the ins and outs of a degree in communication with the Student Ambassador Program. The program consists of undergraduates who are either majoring or minoring in communication, know the curriculum, organizations, activities and courses required for a degree.

            Dr. Alberto González, a professor in the department of communication, created the program in 2015 and Associate Professor Lisa Hanasono is currently the faculty advisor. The goal is to inform potential students interested in communication to get a feel for the program and what it entails.

            “The Student Ambassador program is the best way to interact with students who are living the experience,” said Hanasono.

            Student ambassadors attend Bowling Green State University (BGSU) recruitment events such as preview days and the School of Media and Communication Day. They are picked based on their knowledge with the program, and usually are junior- and senior-level students.

            Student ambassadors also give tours and on non-formal recruitment days can provide a one-on-one tour with prospective students.

            Jewel White, a third-year communication major, was nominated in October 2017 by one of her professors. She hopes to make an impact on students like others have done for her in the past.

            “I find that the position is wonderful,” White said. “I enjoy being able to talk with prospective students about the Department of Communication and to know that I might be the influencer that will help them become future falcons is incredible to me.”

            The program is meant to give a voice to students who are passionate about communication, and to recognize them for the hard work and dedication they have. The program also gives back to student ambassadors, recognizing them at the Department of Communication’s awards ceremony in spring. It allows them to have a flexible commitment and enhances their resumes.

            The student ambassadors for the 2017-2018 school year include Kellen Berning, Ashley Halleck, Callie Inkrott, Andie En Wen Phoon, Mark Rochester, Jewel White and Carillon Young.

            The program expands every year and continues to inform prospective falcons about pursuing a degree in communication