Lawrence Friedman Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

Established in 1993 in honor of Dr. Lawrence J. Friedman, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of the Department of History. This award is given for outstanding graduate student research. The dissertation/thesis must be nominated in writing by the student’s mentor.
Recent Recipients: 
Michael Horton, 2018; Kaysie Harrington, 2019 

Outstanding Graduate Seminar Paper 

Awarded to a graduate student that submits the best paper from a History class during each academic year 
Recent Recipients: Chris Lause, 2018; Rebekah Brown, 2019  

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Presented to the graduate student recognized as the outstanding teaching assistant in the Department of History.
Recent Recipients: 
Kaysie Harrington. 2018; Robert Carlock, 2019

Outstanding Departmental Citizen Award 

Presented to a graduate student for meritorious contributions to the Department of History.
Recent Recipients: 
Kyle Penzinski 2018; Robert Carock and Lee Slusher, 2019  

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