Previous Graduate Awards

Lawrence Friedman Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

Established in 1993 in honor of Dr. Lawrence J. Friedman, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of the Department of History. This award is given for outstanding graduate student research. The dissertation/thesis must be nominated in writing by the student’s mentor.

2017-2018       Michael Horton

2016-2017       Nanosh Lucas

2015-2016       Ethan Bowers

2014-2015       Jay Martin Perry

2013-2014       Christian M Lengyel

2012-2013       Steven Pedler

2011-2012       William S. Smith II

2010-2011       Michael Kithinji

2009-2010       George Griffin

2008-2009       Luke Nichter

2007-2008       Steven Pedler

2006-2007       David R. Haus

2005-2006       Donald C. Eberle

2004-2005       Michael Kimaid

2003-2004       C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa

2002-2003       Robert S. Smith

2001-2002       James Buss

2000-2001       Lewie H. Reece

1996-1997       Tatyana A. Dumova

1995-1996       Jay C. Martin

1995-1996       William T. Allison

1993-1994       Deborah K. Scerbicke

Outstanding Graduate Seminar Paper 

Awarded to a graduate student that submits the best paper from a History class during the 2017 year (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2017 semesters).

2017-2018       Chris Lause, Rebekah Brown (Honorable Mention)

2016-2017       Nanosh Lucas

2015-2016       Joseph Lueck

2014-2015       Joseph Lueck

2013-2014       Chloe Koscheva-Scissons

2012-2013       Timothy Prindle

2011-2012       Kevin Moore

2010-2011       Kristen L. Dute

2009-2010       Gary A. Cirelli

2008-2009       Stephanie R. Gaskill

2007-2008       Shirley L. Green

2006-2007       Soren L. Fanning

2005-2006       Meredith Clark-Wiltz

2004-2005       John Ellis

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Presented to the graduate student recognized as the outstanding teaching assistant in the Department of History.

2017-2018       Kaysie Harrington

2016-2017       Alyssa Kapelka

2015-2016       Lindsey Bauman

2014-2015       Michael A. Ginnetti

2013-2014       Joe D. Faykosh

2012-2013       Rex A. Childers

2011-2012       Dustin C. McLochlin

2010-2011       Robert MacDonald

2009-2010       Alvin Dwayne Beggs, Soren Fanning

2008-2009       Shirley L. Green

2007-2008       Erin N. McKenna

2006-2007       James F. Rose

2005-2006       Maria Baldwin

2004-2005       Larry Cousineau

2003-2004       Matthew L. Daley

2002-2003       David R. Haus

2001-2002       Michael Kimaid

2000-2001       Robert S. Smith

1999-2000       G. Jack Benge

1998-1999       Matthew S. Young

1997-1998       Mary J. Farmer

1996-1997       Jeffrey S. Cole

1995-1996       Xin-Zhu J. Chen

1994-1995       Christina Ashby-Martin, Kevin Jones-Kern

1992-1993       William Remle, Jr.

1991-1992       William Allison, Deborah Scerbicke

Outstanding Departmental Citizen Award 

Presented to a graduate student for meritorious contributions to the Department of History.

2017-2018       Kyle Penzinski

2016-2017       Zack Burton

2015-2016       Joseph Lueck

2014-2015       Michael A. Ginnetti

2013-2014       Rachel C. Pawlowicz

2012-2013       Lisa Rose Lamson

2011-2012       Jay M. Perry, Joe D. Faykosh (Distinguished Service)

2010-2011       Joe D. Faykosh, William S. Smith II 

2009-2010       Joe D. Faykosh

2008-2009       Alvin Dwayne Beggs