Course Description

You can search for courses offered during particular semesters here: SEARCH.  The list below includes formal graduate courses listed in the University catalog for SEES. In addition to these course, the School often offers special topics courses.


SEES    5100    Geographic Information Systems
SEES    5500    Remote Sensing
SEES    6600    Spatial Modeling
SEES    6620    GIS:  Techniques and Applications
SEES    6400    Applied Remote Sensing
SEES    6800    Seminar in Earth, Environment, and Society
SEES    6840    Directed Readings
SEES    6890    Internship
SEES    6900    Directed Research
SEES    6990    Thesis Research

Related fields


GEOL    5010    Economic Geology     
GEOL    5050    Volcanology
GEOL    5100    Geomorphology
GEOL    5150    Paleontology
GEOL    5310    Aqueous Geochemistry
GEOL    5450    Surface Water Hydrogeology
GEOL    5460    Groundwater Hydrogeology
GEOL    6050    Isotope Geochemistry
GEOL    6090    Structural Geology
GEOL    6150    Engineering Geology
GEOL    6160    Applied Surface and Groundwater Modeling
GEOL    6200    Environmental Geophysics
GEOL    6230    Sedimentary Environments
GEOL    6310    Quantitative Paleontology
GEOL    6330    Advanced Paleobiology
GEOL    6390    Glacial Geology
GEOL    6450    Sedimentary Basin Analysis
GEOL    6510    Teaching Fundamental Principles in Earth Science
GEOL    6700    Geology Colloquium
GEOL    6800    Seminar in Geology
GEOL    6850    Directed Readings in Geology
GEOL    6900    Directed Research in Geology
GEOL    6930    Advanced Field Geology


GEOG    5020    Regional Economic Geography
GEOG    5040    Climatology
GEOG    5250    Applied Geographic Information Systems--Human Dimensions
GEOG    5260    Urban Geography
GEOG    5360    Topics in Community and Area Development
GEOG    6200    Seminar in Cartography
GEOG    6210    Computer Cartography
GEOG    6850    Readings in Geography
GEOG    6890    Internship
GEOG    6910    Directed Research

Environment and Sustainability

ENVS    5820    Problems in Environmental Studies
ENVS    5860    Workshops in Environmental Studies
ENVS    6010    Fundamentals of Environment and Sustainability Education
ENVS    6950    Workshop in Environmental Science or Policy

Biological Sciences

BIOL    5240    Landscape Ecology
BIOL    5410    Restoration Ecology
BIOL    5420    Conservation Biology in Practice

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