Geology Club

The Bowling Green State University Geology Club serves the students and faculty of the Geology department, and other geologically inclined students from across the University.  The Club strives to foster the communication of ideas within the Geological Sciences and works to create social and professional opportunities for students.

Geology Club has organized group discussions, movie nights, field trips, and the Annual Department Banquet.  The Club also strives to provide information on professional opportunities including internships, graduate schools, and job openings.

The Geology Club is open to anyone who has an interest in geological sciences. If you're interested in joining, please contact one of the officers or come to a meeting if you're interested in joining the club.

For more information contact the Geology Club 2019-2020.

President: Toni Benard, (Spring 2019) Erin Finnessy, (Spring 2020).

Vice President:  Morgan Webster,

Treasurer:  Autumn Lehner,

Secretary:  James Bird,

Craft Chair - Shawn Smith,