Internship Program

The strength of the Environment and Sustainability program at BGSU is its interdisciplinary focus.  We prepare our students with a broad knowledge base in many fields.  In addition to solid environmental courses, scientific, behavioral, and communication skills courses are provided, so that students are well qualified to work in many different environmental employment areas.

The Environment and Sustainability’s internship experience provides upper-level students with an opportunity to combine their academic work with experience in their area of study.  This combination of work and academics provides an important professional credential for a student.  All Environmental Science and Environmental Policy & Analysis students are required to complete an internship or independent study experience.  An internship provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Integrate theoretical knowledge with practical work experience
  • Discover where further development is needed
  • Improve professional competence and become better prepared and competitive for jobs and higher degrees
  • Learn about professional opportunities. 

An internship is not a permanent assignment.  It must include no fewer than 180 hours to satisfy the three credit-hour course requirement needed for the degree.   It can be a full-time or part-time experience, and taken for up to six credit hours of academic credit.   An internship is not an unsupervised volunteer experience, a routine clerical task, nor a source of “easy” upper division credit.  It is an important component of the curriculum, designed to expose students to a specific area of interest in their occupational field.

For more information and the required forms for the internship program, please contact the School of Earth, Environment and Society Experiential Learning Coordinator, Dr. Yu Zhou,

Updated: 03/29/2023 08:41AM