Translation Games

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Introducing Translation Games at BGSU!

The Translation Games is a live-action translation competition for teams. Working under an exhilarating time cruch, competing teams will work to translate a text from Spanish into English with an eye for capturing the meaning, with all its nuances, and the style of the source text. In their quest, they are permitted a preestablished list of digital resources. If this quest seems up your alley, you may apply either as individual (to be assigned to a team of three) or you may apply as a team of three.

To participate, send a letter of interest in Spanish to the organizing committee along with a short biography highlighting your experience with translation, if any (none is required), and describing your own Spanish and English proficiency levels. Please submit these materals here. Contestants should have a level of at least thrid year (3000 level) of university Spanish and equivalent English proficiencies.

Questions can be directed to Remy Attig at

Translation Games competition will take place during the 2024 Latino/a/x Issues Conference. All participants must register for the conference at Registration is FREE for all BGSU students.

Winners of the first BGSU Translation Games will also be announced at the Latino/a/x Issues Conference. The conference will also include a panel of BGSU professors and students discussing their experiences using translation in co-taught classes.

Latino/a/x Issues Conference is happy to host the Translation Games at BGSU. 

Faculty judges will evaluate all the submitted translations and the winning team will be announced at the 3:30 panel on March 27, 2024.

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